Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are recovering: it was a correction

The widespread drop in all cryptocurrency prices that happened yesterday caused the markets to turn red and more than one sweat deeply. Given a scenario that could be reminiscent of the massive crash in late 2017, getting nervous is undoubtedly a normal reaction. But don’t panic.

Cryptocurrencies regain their value after a very pronounced slump or slump … which turns out to be an ideal time to buy more

As we reported at this point yesterday, the move towards the abyss of the market had all the signs of correction rather than a crypto apocalypse. Today, 24 hours later, The market is going green again and prices are rising sharply, which confirms the correction.

Bitcoin is back above $ 50,000 with the increase for ADA, DOT and ETH exceeding two percentages. While prices were not yet hit before the crash, a correction is about that – a sudden drop that then rises and stabilizes at slightly lower prices.

It is important to note that this is what some think It could be a dead hop or a dead hop. This term refers to a very steep fall that gets some jump up and then continues to fall, just like a rubber ball would … or a cat jumping off a tenth stick.

This doesn’t seem to be the case as the rebound in prices is quite pronounced and not shy at all. Most altcoins are priced based on what we saw a week ago, with many of them in their best historical moment.

Yesterday was a great opportunity to buy more crypto that could be sold today for an average profit of 10%, or to wait indefinitely for bigger increases. Remember that investing is always risky and it is possible to lose all of your money in an instant!

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