Bitcoin updates its code to strengthen security

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The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has implemented an update to its code that improves the privacy and security of its operation.

Bitcoin updates its code for the first time since 2017 to introduce security and privacy improvements to transactions

Bitcoin has introduced a new code, called “Taproot”, which allows users of the cryptocurrency to enjoy greater security when they are going to perform complicated transactions with these assets. This code update establishes a system of signatures to carry out such operations that allows to distinguish and protect transactions.

With this new shielding system, thieves will have a harder time intercepting one of these transfers and getting their hands on the money.

By virtue of this Taproot update also the cryptographic system that covers Bitcoins. In this way, it will be easier for the cryptocurrency to meet the demand of its users.

This is the first in-depth update of the Bitcoin code since 2017. The cryptocurrency has decided to modify it at a time of great uncertainty for its future and in which serious criticism against its model is beginning to emerge. In recent months, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have suffered a serious setback when China vetoed the mining of these assets and any operation with them.

But also, in parallel Bitcoin is managing to consolidate itself by becoming legal currency in El Salvador and being accepted by large companies as a method of payment.

With this update, with special emphasis on security, he expects to attract new investors and users. In fact, in recent months it has grown considerably and that has caused many people to invest in it. However, the truth is that Bitcoin is generally a very volatile value and it is necessary to be well informed to make the best decisions.

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