Bitcoins can be generated by a Game Boy

It is now possible to generate bitcoins from a first generation Game Boy portable game console. Although the process requires a lot of technical skill and a lot of patience.

A conveniently modified GameBoy console manages to mine bitcoins

As an empirical demonstration that this is possible, the test appears on the StackSmashing YouTube channel – which owns the photo that accompanies this article – where the process is from Modification of a classic GameBoy along with some additions, such as a modified link cable, a Raspberry Pi and a conventional PC.

A clever one mud (Modifying devices to do something they were not originally designed for) has risen to the challenge that begins with a major initial hurdle: a first-generation GameBoy cannot connect to the internet, so it has to be linked via the link Cable connected to a Raspberry Pi serves as a bridge to the PC, on which there is a Bitcoin connection node, in which the block chain that validates the process can be stored.

The blockchain or blockchain is the decentralized registration technology with which the comments on the transactions carried out can be stored distributed throughout the Internet network. Thus, any user can review its content and integrity in a public and secure manner, as any subsequent change would be recorded.

Since all these components were already connected, only a program with one of the usual cassettes in this mini console had to be introduced into the GameBoy to start the dismantling. In short, the mining process makes it possible to generate a fraction of a virtual currency (Bitcoin is the most popular) by solving it An algorithm used to validate a transaction. Whoever gets it first receives this fraction of the virtual currency in exchange. For this reason, it is necessary to have powerful computers, although other less powerful machines can do the same.

This is, without a doubt, the major limitation to this role of the GameBoy, a portable console born two decades before Bitcoin that is 125 billion (with b) times slower to perform than today’s fastest mining systems.

Bitcoin mining measures processing power in a unit called a hash. The most powerful machines reach a speed of 100 terahases per second, and the GameBoy modified by StackSmashing stays at 0.8 hashes per second to get the fraction of Bitcoin as price.

In this case, the way to check how it is working is to check the integrity of the blockchain of a newly created Bitcoin that lacks previous records and is therefore easier to resolve, although no retaliation is reported in return.

This is the StackSmashig video that explains how to mine Bitcoin using a Game Boy.

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