Blue zones are the paradise of longevity

Although beliefs indicate that longevity is linked to various factors such as lifestyle, genetics, diet and level of physical activity, there are exceptional regions on our planet that defy these conventions. Known as the “blue zones,” these are five areas scattered around the world where the population experiences remarkable longevity, thus unraveling the mysteries of life span.

blue zones
Okinawa – Japan
What are the blue zones?

The oldest people in the world live in the so-called blue zones, frequently reaching 100 years of age and in good physical condition. The five places where people live the longest are: Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Ikaria in Greece and Loma Linda, California in the United States.

A world traveler named these places blue zones. It was during an exploration project in 2004, his name is Dan Buettner, and in addition to being a traveler, he is a journalist.

In 2000, Buettner arrived in Okinawa with the aim of investigating the longevity of its inhabitants. It was there that she decided to visit other places in the world where the inhabitants had more longevity.

With a team made up of demographers and scientists, he visited the places where people lived the longest, with a high quality of life in their old age.

Sardinia – Italy
Matches of people living in blue zones

The inhabitants of the blue zones agree on several aspects:

  • They move from one place to another in the city naturally, without using any type of vehicle. That is, they do not depend on technology for their daily transportation and they walk to do their shopping.
  • They prepare their own food.
  • They take care of their gardens, cultivate their own gardens or make crafts. This keeps them active for most of the day, and forces them to do lower intensity physical activities.
  • People in these areas are positive. Optimism is an integral part of their lives, as is maintaining a belief such as a religious or spiritual faith.
  • When necessary, they take a break from their daily activities to rest and after a period of time continue with what they were doing.
  • They have a life plan and rediscover a vocation, which in turn offers them a purpose to move forward.
  • His diet is consistent. Based on vegetables, nuts, fruits and tubers. They do not overeat, they eat in moderation. In mere words, they eat to live and do not live to eat.
  • They do not consume alcohol or tobacco.
  • They value family connections. The inhabitants of these happy areas spend more time with their family than with their work.
  • Collaborative tasks are essential, strengthening ties with the family, and also with your circle of friends and neighbors.
Nicoya – Costa Rica

The blue zones reveal a fascinating panorama where longevity and happiness are uniquely intertwined. The key seems to lie in simplicity, positivity, self-care, and meaningful relationships. Blue zones not only offer valuable clues about longevity, but also highlight the importance of cultivating a balanced, wellness-focused lifestyle.

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