British soldiers fly in jetpacks

Whenever there is a technological advance, someone thinks of his military use. There’s no way around it. So it is not surprising that the UK Royal Marines came up with an idea. British soldiers in jetpacks can be seen in a video. The futuristic way of boarding a ship.

British soldiers flying in jetpacks made an amazing video.
British soldiers flying in jetpacks made an amazing video.
Fly with ease

It was uploaded by the British engine manufacturer Gravity Industries. It shows a Royal Marine wearing an engine suit. He ends up with it on a nearby boat after approaching him in a speedboat.

In another exercise, the soldier lands on the ship and then draws a pistol. So they would use the jetpacks for quick infiltration missions. The soldier flies effortlessly and quickly reaches the deck of the ship. The quick take-off maneuver shows how advanced the pilot’s training is. It will be confirmed when you land back in the boat just as easily.

The video of British soldiers flying in jetpacks was shot in the English Channel. It shows what the future of military operations would be. The same company previously released a video. It was a Dutch soldier who performed a similar maneuver.

Fast but short

The Dutch Ministry of Defense commented on the evidence. “The military can reach places that were previously practically inaccessible.” The suit could offer “new options for tactical use”. Also “new opportunities for civil rescue services”.

Gravity’s jet suit uses four arm and back mounted jet engines. They produce more than 1000 thrust horsepower. You can adjust the speed and trajectory by changing the position of your arms. They reach about 135 kilometers per hour. Their autonomy lasts about 10 minutes.

Gravity has also worked with UK emergency services. It would allow paramedics to reach remote areas in record time.

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