Business ideas to prepare for Valentine’s Day

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There are certain dates on which we need to create content and seasonal advertising to attract new customers and also improve the relationship with the customers we already have. One of those dates is Valentine’s Day, a perfect holiday to reach customers and invite them to spend more money in our business.

Valentine’s Day is an ideal date to run promotions focused on generating more customers between couples.

For all those people who are looking for new marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day, below, we have collected some ideas (with examples) to promote a business on Valentine’s Day.

-Couples activities: Valentine’s Day is a perfect date to attract couples to our business. For example, we can run such promotions as fitness classes for couples, a spa day for two, a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner or even a cooking class for two.

-Material love: It is true that Valentine’s Day is a day for couples, but it is also a perfect date to take advantage of our love for material things. In this sense, we can use this date to launch “love” messages related to our products. For example, let’s imagine a brand of home alarms that could create a promotion around the idea of “love your home” and install an alarm.

-Gift guides: A good idea would be to create a Valentine’s Day gift list. We can create these guides visually, for example, with carousels on Instagram, or in a more traditional way, publishing an ebook that would serve as a lead magnet. This strategy would be great to promote our products, sorting them by categories.

-Craft tutorials: We can also take the opportunity to post some tutorials on crafts related to love and couples. We can post videos of this type, teaching users how to create their own gifts.

-Last minute shoppers: We cannot forget the last minute shoppers, who are those who wait until the last moment to make their Valentine’s Day purchases. In this sense, we can offer higher last minute promotions, for example we can offer 60% in the last hour of the day or the day before.

-Promotions on social networks: One of the most basic marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day is to create content related to love and couples during these dates, both in social networks and in our blog. We can take advantage of this theme to create a contest, inviting couples to comment and share to participate and win a product.

-Valentine’s Day images: Following the previous idea, we can post eye-catching images related to love and couples on social networks.

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