Can viruses all make us sick?

Most people believe that viruses can make us sick. This creates infections and contagions. Especially recently, when an unknown and very aggressive virus changed our way of life. Covid 19 caused a pandemic in the world and changed the world in general.

Viruses can make us sick

Some of the viruses can make us sick, others benefit us

Viruses are germs that also include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and helminths. By penetrating a carrier, they take over cells and trigger a pathogenic effect that can lead to flu or worse like coronavirus.

However, not all viruses present are pathogens. There are even those that are beneficial to our body. Bacteriophage viruses occur in every system of the organism, in the digestive, respiratory and also in the reproductive system. These eat the invading bacteria and protect the mucous membranes where they live.

useful viruses

They are beneficial and are located in the mucous membranes. They are a natural part of our immune system. In medicine, they are used to treat certain diseases. They are used, among other things, to treat dysentery, staphylococci and salmonella.

Some of these diseases are caused by bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and other drugs. It is for this reason that these bacteriophage viruses, also called phage, are used to treat them.

There are viruses that improve our immune system

There are many childhood viral diseases that are beneficial in the long term. In this way, our immune system is strengthened by viruses that protect the body from many types of infections. They protect it from the penetration of other pathogenic viruses and enhance the action of lymphocytes. They are asymptomatic and help white blood cells monitor our blood.

Many of these viruses are genetically modified. They are used in certain drugs and vaccines. The technology available makes it possible to study viral behavior in the human body. Although there is still a lot to discover in relation to studying.

useful viruses

Like with the coronavirus, we wonder why some people are serious and others aren’t. This uncertainty creates great unknowns and uncertainties. It will be a matter of study when everything goes back to normal. Many people get sick and need to be hospitalized, others are sick but have no symptoms, and some are not contagious despite exposure.

Some opinions say timing of exposure to the virus is one of the keys. When you live with someone with Covid 19 there are many more opportunities for serious contagion than if we just bumped into someone on the street. The infected person’s immune status also has a lot to do with it.

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