Cancer cases have increased in the last 30 years

In the last three decades, cancer diagnoses in people under 50 have grown by almost 80%. A worrying trend, as it occurs all over the world. A recent study carried out on a global scale confirms these alarming figures. The study was carried out between 1990 and 2019, with a 79% growth in cancer cases in people under 50 years of age. However, there are certain details that need to be considered.

Cancer cases

They confirm the increase in cancer cases

One fact to keep in mind is that the world population grew by 45% in that same period of time. Furthermore, the mortality rate due to cancer in the age group between 18 and 50 years old grew by 28%, which is not the same proportion. This indicates that the good diagnosis of these diseases improved from 1990 to the present.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that science is constantly researching new treatments and other alternatives that allow us to combat the disease with more effective results.

The study was published in the journal BMJ Oncology, where estimates and statistics are also published. Early-onset cancers among those under 50 years of age will grow by 31% until 2030. Always considering the same year as the deadline, mortality will grow by 21%. The study adds that people aged 40 will be the most exposed.

What are the causes of the increase in cases of this disease?

The most influential causes are several:

  • genetic factors,
  • high consumption of red meat,
  • alcoholism,
  • smoking.

Furthermore, lack of physical exercise, obesity and hyperglycemia are determining factors in contracting the disease.

cancer cells

Other worrying statistics

According to the same study, the type of cancer that increased the most is breast cancer. The report indicates that there are 13.7 cases per 100 thousand people and 3.5 deaths per 100 thousand people. Next in number are those of the trachea, prostate, lung, intestine and stomach.

The study was carried out taking data from 204 different countries and regions. Where there was the greatest increase was in Australia, Asia, North America and Western Europe. It was based on data from the Global Burden of Disease Study in 2019.

The team of researchers used specific means to compile the report. Disability-adjusted life years, standard age measures, and mortality.

More than a million people died from cancer in 2019 in the age range of 18 to 49 years. This represents an increase of 28% compared to 1990 figures.

However, as also noted in the report, some issues must be taken as a palliative to these figures. Demographic growth, the decrease in infant mortality in recent decades, the reduction in communicable diseases, among other improvements in the quality of life. All of this contributes to people living longer and increasing the number of inhabitants of the Earth.

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