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Canva has one of the most popular services for creating and editing images through web environment and now goes a step further by allowing a very similar work but in this case with video content editable from the web free of charge and that is already available.

Canva makes it easy to edit graphic content from the web itself with templates specifically for social networks

No need to install any app or run any softwareYou only need to access the Canva website to have a series of tools (which will be expanded over time) capable of offering high quality results to those who want to create images, illustrations or compositions of all kinds (posters, brochures, banners…) with great versatility and professional results. All in the most accessible way and with the easiest handling even for the least experienced users.

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Canva started its activity in 2013 and since then facilitated to the maximum, with a user interface of great simplicity, online image editing, with what now seeks to transfer that experience and those results to video editing.

Canva’s video web editing allows you to split a video into various chunks with which to arrange a montage of footage, handle multiple audio tracks, and perform previews to check the result in progress.

To make it easier Canva offers templates specifically focused on the different formats common in the different social networksThe templates, such as vertical videos for TikTok, as well as different tools to intersperse content on screen, oriented to a large sector of video users, the creators of educational and training videos.

Automated transitions, animations, multi-layer management, effects… all being able to edit online without having to upload, download and re-upload to the Cloud the content you are working on. From Canva have taken advantage of its well-known interface of sequential placement of content for presentationsevolving it to accommodate the needs of video editing, leaving users with a familiar, easy-to-use interface and environment.

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