Carlos López Otín suffers the withdrawal of his articles in a scientific journal

In recent days there has been a story that has convulsed the entire landscape of Spanish research. The known Carlos López Otín He has been accused of serious irregularities in his work. For now, the scientific magazine Journal of Biological Chemistry It was the first to remove eight of the researcher's articles.

At the moment, the Spanish scientist affirms that he feels victim of a persecution, and is being supported by other Asturian researchers. Be that as it may, the accusations are there.

For now, both López Otín and other scientists on the national scene believe that the measure taken by this scientific magazine It is disproportionate, but the information about it is still very confusing.

Why a scientific magazine withdraws articles by Carlos López Otín

We still do not have much information, but it has transpired that several researchers have been forced to withdraw publications in this scientific journal due to the collaboration of researcher Carlos López Otín, whose work has been involved in a serious controversy, since it is stated that they look themselves serious irregularities in some of his lines of work.

According to what the magazine in question affirms, some doubts are raised regarding the images used in works that were published in it between 2000 and 2007, and which in turn are related to cell aging and degradation.

Apparently, these articles could contain duplicate images, as the newspaper has published The country. In addition, others were simply rotated 180 degrees, so they could be reused shots from other studies, which is considered inappropriate and misplaced manipulation.

At the moment, the authors of the studies affirm that they are formal mistakes without great importance. In fact, the results of these studies have been validated by other independent working groups, so the subject of the images would not affect the issue in question.

Meanwhile, Carlos López Otín says he is being the victim of a mysterious persecution. He believes that someone has examined in detail more than 400 articles published in 30 years by the biochemist to point out some errors in his texts.

To date, the scientist has the support of Asturian researchers and the IUOPA, the University Institute of Oncology of the Principality of Asturias. Undoubtedly, a necessary defense for the scientist who is being ‘attacked’, according to him, by a mysterious enemy, and that already begins to have its first consequences.

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