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Most of the online casino players are unaware of the minimum casino deposits that it is possible to deposit, in order to play more responsibly and avoid turning a moment of fun into a problem.

The truth is that, although they are not many, some online casinos offer low deposits, without any extra requirements. These deposits can go from 5 euros or, in very rare cases, up to 1 euro minimum deposit.

Below are the casinos with minimum deposit of €5 that we have found on the Internet.


This casino accepts deposits as low as €1, which is quite atypical, as the average deposit allowed in online casinos in Spain is €10.

Although it is not much you can do with this amount of money, at least it is important for you to know, as a player, that in casinos like Luckia you can place bets and play in casino from 1 euro as a minimum.


Another casino that, although it happens to be known worldwide, little is known about the possibility of depositing from 1 euro minimum. This casino has a good selection of live betting and slots games, as well as live casino.


In the case of this casino, the minimum deposit is 5 euros. An amount that will prove to be a little more useful than 1 euro. The good thing about Betsson is that it has multiple payment methods to make this low deposit.

Recommended payment methods in casinos with minimum deposit


With PayPal it is very unlikely that you can make minimum deposits of 1 or 5 euros in casinos or bookmakers. Although there are exceptions, such as Betsson and Betway, but not Luckia.

This is precisely because PayPal also has costs for whoever receives the funds, in this case, for the casino. So receiving such low amounts via PayPal can be of little benefit to the casino.

Debit and credit cards

In this case it is advisable to use VISA, since it is the card that all online casinos accept without any inconvenience and without additional costs.

In the case of Mastercard, although some casinos accept it for deposits, it is not possible to make withdrawals in any casino with this card.

With cards you will be able to deposit from 1 euro in the casinos that support it.


The most fashionable payment method among individuals in Spain, it is also accepted by several online casinos, although not by the three mentioned above.

However, transactions in casinos with Bizum can be without any problem as low as €1.

Conclusion: players should know that it is possible to deposit low in casinos

All in all, online casinos are usually aware of the distrust that the user may deposit in playing with money. Allowing people to be able to start gaining experience through minimum deposits creates an atmosphere of trust with the user. Those interested in playing at an online casino should be able to find the one they feel most comfortable with. Always bearing in mind that the amounts being played are not significant, at least at the beginning.

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