Cell phones get hot What to do?

Cell phones often overheat and this can happen for different reasons. The temperature increase can be caused by malware, intensive use of the equipment or by having many applications open at the same time. Eventually, a slight rise in temperature is normal, but if it is prolonged over time, it can be harmful. By avoiding this problem, we prolong the useful life of the battery of the mobile, and thus we are collaborating to not increase the global warming of our beloved planet.

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Does your cell phone get hot?

Smartphones use batteries, and it is normal that it heats up when we use it intensively. It is normal that this happens, because it is storing electricity that must be delivered for the use we give it.

At the same time, it can also heat up slightly during charging. If it heats up excessively or happens often, it may be because of a faulty charging port, the charging cable is damaged or we need to replace the battery.

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To know well what the problem is, we should try to charge the cell phone with another cable or by a wireless charging device.

High temperature affects the operation of the cell phone

When it is too hot, we find it hard to work, our performance decreases compared to times of less high temperature. Something similar happens to cell phones, although they do not sweat to dissipate heat as we do.

The processor, which is the brain of our smartphone, generates heat to execute its functions. If we add up all the components plus the battery, we can understand why our phone gets hot.

When this happens, it is normal to slow down its operation. The processor is responsible for preventing and reducing overheating, so it gets slower to perform the rest of its functions.

Electronic devices shall be designed to work in a range less than or equal to 35º C. When it exceeds this temperature, the battery works more demanding to deliver more energy.

Some tips that help to keep the temperature from rising.

Some screen protectors and the cases that most of us use to protect our mobile end up storing even more heat in our device.

The tips given by experts are:

  • Do not charge the mobile when the ambient temperature exceeds 35° C. It is advisable to wait until it drops.
  • Direct exposure to the sun is harmful to our cell phone. For this reason, if we are outdoors we should store it or keep it in the shade. It is also not advisable to leave the cell phone inside a vehicle that is completely closed and parked in the sun.

In addition, in the period of time when we use the mobile less, it is convenient to use the low consumption mode. The lower the energy expenditure, the less it will heat up. Also, the equipment can be turned off for a few minutes when we notice that it is hot. After a few minutes, we can turn it on again. Some people put their cell phone in the refrigerator so that it cools down faster. Sudden changes in temperature damage it even more. We should never do this. In addition, condensation can trap moisture inside the cell phone and permanently damage it.

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