ChatGPT does not work: what to do?

How to fix the most common ChatGPT failures

The most common ChatGPT failures are usually related to the annoying internal error sometimes thrown by the famous generative AI chatbot. What to do if ChatGPT is not working?

ChatGPT may stop working due to poor connection or failures coming from the OpenAI server.

As unbearable as they may be, the most common ChatGPT bugs are very easy to fix. That’s why, below, we will show you several 100% effective alternatives. That way, if you depend on this tool to perform your daily tasks, with these tips you can get back to using ChatGPT in no time.

How to resolve the most common errors in ChatGPT

– Check the availability of the server: ChatGPT works from OpenAI’s own server. If for some reason this server experiences a malfunction, this will result in an interruption of the service. In this case, the first step is to check the availability of the server on the tool’s official website. Make sure that the status bar is green.

– Log out and log back in: ChatGPT internal errors affect your entire account. For that reason, one way to resolve the bug may be to simply log out and then log back in. Just go to the left sidebar and click on the “Logout” tab. Finally, go back to the home screen and enter your details.

– Clear your browser cache: Your browser’s cache, which stores various data such as previews, web page metadata, etc., can sometimes be faulty. These failures can also affect the chatbot’s performance, so it is advisable to clear the cache of the browser you are using.

– Change your device: in some cases, the device you are using to connect may be the source of the problem. Remember that this AI is not only available for computers. It happens that you can also use the official ChatGPT app on your cell phone and then perhaps the problem will be solved.

Try these three other solutions

– Disable browser extensions: in some cases, a large number of extensions installed in your browser may be the cause of the ChatGPT internal error. The solution is very simple, you must disable all add-ons you have in your browser.

– Use another browser: if none of the above solutions related to the operation of your browser work, then it is time to try another browser.

– Check your Internet connection: is the most obvious tip, but at the same time the last one that is usually taken into account. If your connection has speed problems or if your router’s cache is corrupted, ChatGPT will most likely start to fail. For both situations, the solution may be to turn off the router for at least 10 seconds and then turn it back on.

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