ChatGPT for Mac computers, now available to all users

It’s now much easier to use ChatGPT on a Mac computer, as OpenAI – the developer of the popular Artificial Intelligence chatbot – has released the native application for the macOS operating system.

The ChatGPT app for Mac is now available to all usersand can be downloaded by accessing the App Store on Mac. Until now, it could only be used by those who paid for a ChatGPT subscription, but the app is now available to all users, even those who want to use ChatGPT for free.

Downloading the application from the official Apple store is completely free and the user decides whether they want to create an OpenAI account or not to be able to use ChatGPT on Mac. If you later decide to use the paid version of ChatGPT, you can also do so from this same application.

One of the main new features it incorporates is the possibility of accessing the conversational tool very quickly, through a combination of keys, a shortcut on Mac. Once the ChatGPT app is installed, Mac computer users only have You have to press the “Option” and “Space” key to access ChatGPT. This makes ChatGPT a tool that can be accessed in just a few seconds.

Once you access ChatGPT for Mac, you will be presented with an overlay interface at the top of your screen that you can interact with via text, voice, or even uploading photos and screenshots of your Mac. You can also search through past conversations.

This integration of ChatGPT on an Apple-branded device is just one step of what is to come when the apple company integrate AI into your iPhones and iPads starting in October of this year. Apple introduced Apple Intelligence at the latest Developer Conference held in early June 2024.

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