Cheese helps mental health

You like cheese? It’s good news. Cheese helps mental health. As it does? A group of researchers studied the links between people’s mental health and their life expectancy. And also the particular factors that have an impact on mental well-being. In the course of research, scientists discovered that cheese is an important element for human well-being.

The particularity of the new study is that it used an analytical method known as Mendelian randomization. Identify factors that influence our genes and lead to certain health outcomes. You can predict a potentially causal effect without conducting a clinical trial.

Cheese helps mental health.
Cheese helps mental health.

Healthy life

The researchers found possible causal evidence in eight databases of European populations. They number between 38,000 and 2.4 million people. It is known that greater mental well-being, measured by life satisfaction, mood, etc., can help live a longer and healthier life.

«Our study provides encouraging evidence. Improving mental well-being is a feasible path to healthy aging. Regardless [del estatus socioeconómico] of the person,” point out the authors of the research.

The causal relationship between mental well-being and healthy aging was examined. They included lifestyle choices such as smoking. And individual behaviors such as: the use of medication, physical health such as muscle mass and diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Well now you know, eat more cheese.
Well now you know, eat more cheese.


However, what is truly striking is that cheese helps mental health. Of the people who participated in the study, those who reported eating more cheese and fruit tended to have higher mental well-being scores. What’s more, eating cheese had a 3.67% positive effect on self-rated health and longevity.

And the lifestyle factor with the greatest negative impact on health aging factors was found. It turned out to be time spent watching television, with an impact of 7.39%. The authors suggest that interventions aimed at improving mental well-being could be a viable strategy to improve healthy aging in all populations. However, they add, more studies are needed with diverse ethnic groups. In the current one, data from individuals of European ancestry were used. The study was published in Nature Human Behavior.

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