China and its plans for Mars

China's space agency is preparing for a mission to Mars. It will be the start of an ambitious project that aims to overtake NASA. When a probe lands on the surface of Mars, it becomes a space superpower. The nation has already launched several devices on the moon. I am still planning to operate a space station. They hope to be able to explore asteroids in 2030. China and its plans for Mars are a future competition for NASA.

Beijing is interested in being the first to send an astronaut to the red planet.
Beijing is interested in being the first to send an astronaut to the red planet.

Project the most difficult mission

There are many companies in Beijing that want to build the first Chinese spacecraft orbiting Mars. In 2020, Mars and Earth will come closer than usual. It is a phenomenon that occurs every 26 months and offers researchers the best conditions to explore the planet.

China's space program was tested in December 2019. They launched the Long March 5 rocket. Beijing will probably take the next step in the middle of the year. You will deploy an orbiter that sails around the red planet and a rover that lands on its surface.

The Chinese mission is the most complex of the past. Combine an orbiter, landing gear and rover. If they are successful, they can take their space program to the next level.

China will try to bring several samples of Mars soil to Earth in 2028. According to the State Council in 2016, it will begin researching Jupiter a few years later.

Space agencies in the United States, Russia and the United Arab Emirates are also planning missions. Their probes help determine whether people can really live in other parts of the universe. Mars is closest to Earth. These missions will help people prepare to explore.

China and its plans for Mars are contributing to the space race.
China and its plans for Mars are contributing to the space race.

Several countries have tried to reach the surface of the red planet at least 50 times. More than half failed. Only the US space agency NASA has managed to land on Mars and operate probes and rovers on its surface.

Between July and August this year, NASA will launch another rover to Mars. They are trying for the first time to generate oxygen from the carbon dioxide present in the Martian atmosphere. Creating a stable source of oxygen is essential for astronauts to land on the red planet.

Live from Mars

The first travelers are expected to arrive there in the 2030s. “Mars remains a distant target in NASA's human exploration program. However, it is important to show that we are already there with more and more robot units, ”said NASA director Jim Bridenstine in July 2019.

Currently, Mars exploration is an area reserved for space agencies supported by various governments around the world. But private companies don't miss the opportunity to take the lead.

Elon Musk's company SpaceX tests the Starship vehicle. It was designed by its engineers to transport people to the moon and the red planet. The company plans to build a fleet of 1,000 spacecraft. Not less. You could transport 100,000 people every 26 months. It is when Mars is the closest distance from Earth. Will this dream come true? China and its plans for Mars are currently part of this race.

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