China establishes the digital yuan as the official digital currency

After years of research and development, the Chinese central bank has finally established its decentralized digital currency – the digital yuan.

The company that chose to issue tokens and trade with the public was selected as the Yuan Pay Group. The sole purpose of the company is to market, distribute and enable security to trade in the newly established digital currency.

At the time of this writing, the price of one digital yuan was $ 0.12. It is significantly cheaper than any of its competitors. Bitcoin is currently listed at € 32,786.24 and Ethereum at € 2,123.19.

Historically, every time a nation or company announces sponsorship of a digital resource, the price explodes, generating huge profits for numerous investors. Many expect the digital yuan to follow suit because it is massively supported by the state. Bitcoin created a new generation of millionaires, and it is time the digital yuan did the same.

We went through the buying process to investigate your problem and found it to be easy to complete. All you have to do is go to the Yuan Pay Group official website and click the “Register Now” button. Next, fill in the information and select “Open an account”. You will then be directed to an authorized representative available in your region and can then proceed with your purchase. Note that you may have to answer the phone for automatic verification.

The minimum deposit is only $ 250, which is reasonable given the exponential growth potential of the decentralized currency. There are no commissions associated with it. Profits and initial investments can be withdrawn at any time subject to local regulations.

If the digital yuan follows in Bitcoin’s footsteps, the initial investment of $ 250 could be valued at more than $ 10 million.

“With official government support, the risk of a downturn is low and the current market conditions are perfect for investment. Major stock indices have fallen, and many of us have turned to the digital yuan for unprecedented gains. This is our opportunity to invest in good time and not miss another opportunity like Bitcoin. “- A large hedge fund trader who wanted to remain anonymous commented in an interview.

“It is almost impossible to resist this opportunity to invest in Digital Yuan. It is the first major digital currency to be supported by a country. Plus, with its red-hot IPO markets, China produces a new millionaire every week. – says Michael Jewles, a famous stockbroker and venture capitalist.

Why is China introducing this new currency?

The digital yuan could provide a solution to China’s longstanding debt problem. The country currently has a recognized national debt of 2.4 trillion yuan ($ 341 trillion) due to the illegal, albeit widespread, practice of obtaining multiple loans with the same collateral.

By using smart contracts offered by the digital yuan currency, the Chinese government can verify a person’s assets and ensure that multiple loans are not offered with the same confirmation.

The widespread adoption of the digital yuan in the Chinese economy could add even more value and reward its early investors. According to the official website, salaries in the Xiong’an region are already paid in the digital yuan, making China the first nation to use digital currency as a means of payment.

If you are interested in investing, the only way to do so is through the Yuan Pay group and their authorized agents.

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