China’s new space plane

China, always China. In addition to his broad commercial ambition, there is space exploration. So the project they are starting on now is not surprising (maybe a little). Apparently it’s already a reality. This is China’s new space plane, a reusable spacecraft.

China’s new spaceplane is reusable and has had very successful tests.
Successful test

It was in orbit for the first time in two days. China’s reusable spacecraft landed at its designated location on September 6th. It was successfully launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on Friday. This was done on a Long March 2F launcher. It is considered the “gold standard” launch vehicle for China’s manned space projects.

According to the Xinhua Agency, the experiment was successful. The reusable spaceship offers more convenient solutions for future peaceful uses of space. Among other things, this enables cheaper return flights.

The flight experiment was planned for two days. They tested the performance of new materials for the reusable vehicle and control system. It was announced on Sunday by Song Zhongping, a military expert and television commentator. This means that the ship is similar to the United States Air Force’s X37B.

“The test would focus on two points. Of course, the vehicle’s ability to go into orbit via a launcher. And the reliability of his return to earth. Both are the keys to a reusable orbital vehicle, ”said Wang Ya’nan. He is the editor-in-chief of Aerospace Knowledge, a Beijing-based magazine.

According to experts, it can take off and land vertically.
According to experts, it can take off and land vertically.
Missions and lower costs

‘The vehicle could be equipped with robotic arms. It would perform maintenance and supply missions for spacecraft in orbit. For example satellites.

Outside of China, this is supposed to be China’s new spacecraft project. They planned to launch their reusable spaceship in 2020.

It’s not like traditional spaceships. The new spaceship will take to the skies like an airplane, ”revealed Chen. It can put people or payloads into orbit and back to Earth. It’s also easier to maintain, and you can increase the frequency of releases at a lower cost. It will give more people new ways to travel into space.

China has developed its own reusable spacecraft from earth to orbit. You can take off and land horizontally. If you want to open a window to the future, you have to look to China.

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