Chinese New Year begins and it is the Year of the Tiger

February 1, 2022 marks the beginning of one of the most important celebrations in the Chinese calendar. It is the New Year, where more than one billion people will celebrate the year 4720 with their family and friends. Each year is associated with an animal of the Chinese zodiac and this year is the Year of the Tiger.

This is the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year does not always begin on the same date

New Year in China is also known as Lunar New Year. It begins when the second new moon rises after the winter solstice, which occurs on December 21. For this reason, the date of the new year can occur between January 21 and February 20.

All Chinese communities around the world celebrate the New Year, also called Spring Festival. The festivities are held to bid farewell to the past year and may the new year bring luck and prosperity. Families gather around tables with abundant food. There is a great display of fireworks and the flashy dancing dragons.

Year of the Tiger

This is the Year of the Tiger

Red is the color of home decorations as for them it brings good luck. As well as the little ones receive money in bright red envelopes. The New Year celebrations in China last two weeks and end on February 15. On the evening of that day there is a lantern festival announcing the full moon.

Since 1990, the Chinese people have enjoyed a week off to celebrate the New Year. During this week of festivities, the population spends more than 130 billion dollars in food and shopping related to the festivity.

In China, each year is associated with a sign of the Chinese zodiac. This zodiac consists of 12 animals, and this year that begins is the Year of the Tiger. Being then the Year of the Tiger, it is said that children born during its course will be brave, strong and competitive.

It is a millenary festivity

The origin of the Chinese New Year is believed to date back to the 14th century BC. At that time the Shang dynasty ruled. Legend has it that a monster called Nian, (Chinese for year), terrorized the towns at the beginning of each year. Although the monster Nian was afraid of loud noises, bright lights and the color red.

For that reason, the people began to use that fear to scare the monster away. The dragon is the Chinese symbol of good fortune and power. It is for this reason that, at the culmination of the festivities, colorful dancing dragons appear in many Chinese cities.

Dragons in Chinese festivities

Also, Chinese families take advantage of the New Year to clean and purify their homes completely. That way they get rid of any bad luck that may have been left over from the past year. This custom is also practiced by Chinese communities around the world.

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