Choosing a puppy is the most appropriate

Adopting a puppy is an act of love, but we must remember that it has to be a responsible act. This decision changes household habits and involves everyone who lives in the house. For this reason, every member of the House must approve the decision. When adopting a puppy, we must take into account that he will be dependent on us for many years and that his well-being is our responsibility.

adopting a puppy is an act of love

Considerations to Consider Before Defining the Adoption of a Pet

As mentioned earlier, this is a long-term decision and there are a few points to keep in mind that can be detrimental if we are not sure what we are going to do.

  • A pet causes maintenance costs, such as B. a veterinarian, vaccines, groceries and hygiene products.
  • Have an outdoor space.
  • If we don’t have space to use up its energy, we have to take it out several times a day to relieve ourselves and also to play and run. You need to have that time or you need to pay someone to do the job.

Before adopting a puppy, you need to educate yourself about the care he will need

It is our responsibility to know what basic services we need to provide. We can get this information through the internet, the bibliography, or from the vet. Some precautions to consider are:

  • Vaccination schedule
  • Deworming
  • Amount of food and type
  • Ear care
  • Cut nails
  • Hygiene and brushing

We can also contact a veterinarian to inquire about these concerns. If we know a trustworthy person, contact them and if not, choose them based on recommendations from family or friends, proximity to our home and if they can be called in an emergency.

Puppy game

How do I know which dog to choose?

There are several points to consider when choosing a puppy.

  • The size of the pet as an adult
  • Long-haired or short-haired, taking into account the fact that hair loss, as a rule, occurs twice a year, and by this time the house is filled with hair from our pet.
  • sex
  • This depends on whether you have the patience necessary to raise a puppy or whether you prefer an adult who has already learned the basic habits

When the essentials have already been decided, we will look for our future friend and companion

Choosing the ideal puppy

Whether the pedigree puppy controls or not:

adopt a puppy

  • That the trash is in a clean and safe place. That it smells good and that fresh water is available to them.
  • Healthy puppies are all more active. They play, run, and bite each other. They have good weight, shiny fur, and lively eyes. That way we know if he’s sick or not.
  • Together with the puppy they give us a health book with the health details.
  • Choose the puppy based on its appearance and character. Calm or active, dominant or submissive. The one that best suits our lifestyle and the way we are.

He is a friend who will be with us for many years, so it is important that the final decision is the right one

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