Christmas decorating ahead of time makes for happier people

Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year. In many places around the world, Christmas decorations are essential and are prepared well in advance. There is even a competition between neighbors to see who can do the best job.

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People who bring Christmas decorations forward are happier

According to a recent study, people who bring their Christmas decorating forward are happier. That is, those who plan well in advance how to decorate the house and the tree, are more prone to happiness and to be more empathetic with their environment.

Those who start decorating their home as early as November are more friendly, cheerful and empathetic. The research was published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology and carried out by a group of psychologists.

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Research that speaks to happiness

The team of professionals analyzed the signs and the impact that decorations inspire in people. The conclusion is that decorating for Christmas leads to cohesion and being kinder to the neighborhood, family and friends.

Decorations on the exterior of homes denote the attachment of their owners to them. In addition, they serve as a nexus for integrating into social activities in the neighborhood. For psychologists it is indicative of a good predisposition towards others.

According to the study, exterior and interior decorations produce in the individual a nostalgic feeling. This nostalgia is a sign of simple and happy memories of past Christmases. All this feeling leads to a neurological change that produces happiness.

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The psychologists who authored the study argue that, any change in daily routine sends a signal to the senses. And it is the same senses that make it pleasant or not. In another aspect, the report says that decorations signal to the neighborhood a better appreciation of who lives there. Christmas decorations send good signals to the whole neighborhood. Another conclusion they reached is that getting a head start on decorating the house leads to better neighborhood associations. Neighbors relate to each other in a simpler and friendlier way.

Christmas decorating generates joy and empathy

Early decoration for Christmas acts on the stimuli of the individual. Above all, it produces feelings that lead back to childhood. To family reunions with those who are no longer there and meant a lot to them.

However, it is the memory that every adult has who once believed in Santa Claus and waited for presents under the tree. All those nostalgic feelings lead people to be more cheerful and empathetic when Christmas comes. Decorating the house creates positive expectations in the proximity of these dates. This provokes in people feelings of kindness, cohesion and also happiness.

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