Close Dailysport, the page that allows you to watch live soccer

The people responsible for the Dailysport website have announced theirs final closure with a message on your portal. The decision was made after several months of uninterrupted struggle by those responsible to avoid the closings and complaints of the various platforms that have the parties’ broadcast rights.

Dailysport, the reference website for open-air soccer, was finally closed after a few months of continuous domain change.

The closure was announced with a short message on the website and the Telegram account: «Hello Dailysport users, the website is closed forever. Thank you for your support #Dailysport ». In the image below you can see the message posted on their website in Spanish and English.

In recent years, the website had become a benchmark for football fans who found it an alternative to closing RojaDirecta. However, in recent months it had also become the target of the platforms and channels that own the broadcast rights for the games. With that in mind, the site had been around since January Domain changed up to seven times to avoid continuous locks and locks.

With this in mind, LaLiga recently announced the closure of several Italian portals dedicated to the illegal broadcast of football matches. In order to detect these portals, LaLiga has a supercomputer, Inferno, which can find these websites and report them to the authorities.

When looking for alternatives to daily sports, the first thing to keep in mind is that these types of websites are illegal and that you must therefore be very careful when accessing them. In many cases, these websites hide a large amount of malicious ads that contain malware and other dangerous programs. In any case, access to these pages should never be granted permission to install anything in the browser or on the computer.

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