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Yahoo! Answers, the website that has been resolving so many questions since 2005, has stopped working next May 4th. As of April 20, no new questions and answers will be accepted, initiating the separation.

Yahoo! Answers has been active for 16 years

It’s a new service that Yahoo! closes after groups were canceled last October. The company has stated that all questions and answers on Yahoo! Answers will remain available until May 4th, and users will be able to download all of their questions and answers to their profile until June 30th. From this day All data will be deleted permanent and final.

This download contains all questions and answers asked as well as the list of questions and answers and all images published in this service. This data is not downloaded immediately, but from Yahoo over a certain period of time up to a month After confirming the download request, all this data is sent to the user so that he can download it to his computer. This data is stored in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, so visualization and consultation can be a bit complicated for some users. However, Yahoo does offer an online guide to help you achieve this with ease.

Yahoo! Acknowledges that the popularity of this service has declined and so has decided to transfer the resources devoted to maintenance to others who will provide a better service to the user. Part of the responsibility for reducing the number of Yahoo! Answers can be attributed to the ubiquitous Google, which has its own question and answer section, including a widget that allows you to quickly get answers to questions without moving to another website, or even due to Wikipedia’s popularity.

On the other hand, in recent years the quality of responses from users who are more concerned with trolling than answering the questions raised in a useful way has also deteriorated. Finally, one could add that platforms like Reddit have become the replacement for what Yahoo! Answers, a community that leads active for 16 years and that is now disappearing.

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