CO2 emissions to the atmosphere will reach record levels in 2019

Once again the world of science try to warn us of the serious dangers that our planet runs and, with it, all the species that populate it, among which is the human being. Now, they warn us that In 2019, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will break a new record, overly dangerous goal, since they have long been in really dramatic red numbers for life on Earth as we know it.

The new report prepared by the National Meteorological Service of the United Kingdom warns that each year the levels are higher, and the trend continues to increase, since the measures established for its reduction are ineffective and insufficiently clear.

Thus, in 2019 we reached a new and dangerous maximum, setting the record in 411 particles per million, something that is mainly due to the drama of some climatic factors enhanced by human activity that is accelerating global warming and climate change.

2019, record year for CO2 emissions to Earth's atmosphere

For now, the British government agency author of the report warns that the worst month of the year in terms of CO2 emissions to the Earth's atmosphere will be May 2019, at which time levels of 415 particles per million.

Beyond that May will be the worst month of 2019 in CO2 gas emissions, there are several reasons for this increase. For example, the meteorological phenomenon of The child, reinforced by climate warming, which will hit the Pacific Ocean with quite aggressiveness and drama.

In addition, other activities directly related to human activity come together. The two most dangerous remain the deforestation of the Earth's habitats and the constant burning of fossil fuels.

These activities are causing emissions to exceed the previous one every year, which is leading us to atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that are really dangerous for human health.

So far, since the measurements began in 1957, 1998 and 2018, they have been the two worst years in terms of increased CO2 emissions. Now, 2019 will surpass everyone, becoming a record year.

Among other human actions that are accelerating and raising emissions, we find a progressive increase in livestock activity in the Northern Hemisphere and the deforestation of more than 7000 square kilometers of forest in Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

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