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Combined growth Instagram

Building an Instagram account is not easy. If you are a user of this social network, you know that getting new followers and getting more coverage for publications is a complicated task. However, this can be achieved with effort and persistence without resorting to fraudulent acts such as buying followers.

Of course, you should know that there is a marketing tool out there that can be very useful if you want to grow your Instagram profile in a legal way: it’s called Combin Growth and we tested it and it really works … the simple way you can get a lot of information about the account, followers … and find new people to follow.

Attract new followers to your Instagram account

Combin Growth is a marketing tool for Instagram that will help you gain new followers and build a loyal community around your account. With it, you can easily see who’s not following, get more information about your followers, and find more potential followers and influencers for your account.

It’s a desktop tool that you can download for free for PC and Mac, as well as for devices running the Ubuntu operating system. There are different usage plans, a free one with a variety of features, and others that are paid for when you want to use additional tools.

How to Grow Your Instagram Account Using Combin Growth

Once Combin Growth has been installed, all that’s left to do is log in by providing your Instagram username. This gives you access to many features, including the following:

– Extended statistics: You can view daily, weekly and monthly performance of your account with detailed statistics on the growth of your profile. You can control the number of people who follow you, the comments you receive. It is very useful to see the people who are not following your account. That way, you can also pick them up one by one or set a task to get rid of them all together and you can focus on the people who are following you.

Follower combination growth

-Audience analysis: This tool allows you to keep an eye on your followers and pinpoint the “low quality” ones who have few interactions. This allows you to focus your actions on those who offer the most answers or are 100% your target audience.

You can also keep these accounts registered so that you no longer interact with them, for example, or protect the accounts that are most interesting to you so that they are never deleted. In this way you can create all kinds of follower lists and easily export your user lists in Excel format for control.

Analyze your competitors and find your target audience on Instagram

Combin Growth also has an advanced search tool that you can use to find new followers for your Instagram account. You can combine multiple variables and search by hashtag, location followed by an account, followers of an account, people who leave likes, who leave comments …

With this powerful search engine, for example, you can analyze in detail the people who follow your competitors and find those who may also be interested in following your account.

Combin Growth search engine

In addition, you can define your target audience based on certain criteria: geographical, age, number of followers or followers, gender, language … to easily find those influencers who could follow your account and who would undoubtedly help your audience has grown considerably.

Automate actions on Instagram

This tool allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time – up to 15 on the same computer – and automate processes if you wish. Instead of interacting with each content individually, you can set rules to like, comment, follow …

Take a look at Combin Growth now and try the benefits of this tool for free for 7 days. More than 60,000 people around the world have already started managing their Instagram accounts with her in an easy and efficient way.

And if you’re interested, you can subscribe to a personal plan for just 18.15 euros per month that allows you to manage an account. If you have multiple profiles for different companies, a business plan will only cost you $ 36.3 per month. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your Instagram account in a controlled and easy way!

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