Commitments of SMEs and companies in social networks

Social media commitments

Before launching into social networks, companies should examine their conscience and check if they are willing to assume the responsibilities that this entails. These would be the five commitments that every company – whether SME or large business – that wants to be on social networks must commit to.

Commitments that brands must assume on social networks

1. Acquire prior knowledge. Before starting to open profiles, any company must make sure it knows the different social networks that exist, to decide whether or not it is convenient for them to use them and which ones are the most appropriate to achieve their objectives.

You must learn how they are used and what commitments are made when opening the accounts, since the mere acceptance of the conditions of use implies the signing of a contract with another company that, among other things, will own or exploit the content published in it. .

You will also need to study the behavior of your potential consumers on the networks, which will help you decide which channels to be present on and your content strategy.

2. Generate conversation. As we have already mentioned, social media is two-way. If the company does not understand that in addition to issuing messages to potential clients, it will also have to be willing to listen to user comments to respond to them, it is better not to consider being on the networks.

3. Be honest. The company must act transparently, offering truthful information at all times, avoiding half-truths or the temptation to hide certain realities. The user values ​​the sincerity of the company he follows above all else and it will be impossible to regain his trust if he feels betrayed.

4. Trust a professional. You must be aware that the management of corporate profiles is the task of a professional adequately trained for this purpose. Depending on the size and resources of the company, the figure of the person responsible for the brand’s social media will take one form or another, but the important thing is that the businessman is aware of the need to have that level of specialization.

In addition, you must ensure that all employees and departments of the company consider social networks as strategic, since the involvement of all the company’s actors is key to achieving benefits and greater impact for the business.

5. Be a planner and patient. You cannot reach social networks in any way. It is necessary to establish an action plan to achieve the proposed objectives, which must also be defined without expecting immediate results, since in social media you have to set medium and long-term goals.

These five commandments could be summarized in one main one that would encompass them and that any company should remember before starting its journey on social media: you cannot go to social networks with the sole objective of selling more.

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