Communication cats by blinking

It’s true … it’s difficult to communicate with a cat. If you want something, they don’t want it. If you don’t want something, they do. You are independent and not very communicative … or so it was thought. If you are looking to learn how to better communicate with them, be sure to read this. And discover communication with cats by blinking. It’s not a joke.

Communicating with cats through blinking helps us connect with them.
Communicating with cats through blinking helps us connect with them.
Blink, cat

All you have to do is blink and blink slowly. The scientists confirmed that this term made cats more receptive to humans. “It’s great to show that cats and humans can communicate this way,” said psychologist Karen McComb. Belonging the University of Sussex in Great Britain .

“Many cat owners had already suspected that. So it’s exciting to have found evidence of this. “If you’ve spent time with cats, you’ve probably seen this expression. His eyes partially closed and accompanied by a slow blink. It’s similar to.” human eyes narrow when they smile. And it usually happens when the cat is relaxed and satisfied. The expression is interpreted as a kind of cat smile.

A team of psychologists designed two experiments. They wanted to find out if cats behaved differently than slowly blinking humans.

In the first experiment, the owners slowly blinked at 21 cats from 14 different households. The owners were instructed to sit three feet apart and blink slowly when the cat looked at them. The cameras recorded both the owner and the cat’s face. The results were compared to how cats blink without human interaction.

Strengthen bonds

Cats are more likely to blink slowly at their humans after doing this. Another experiment involved 24 cats from eight different households. This time the researchers who had previously had no contact with the cat blinked. They performed the same slow blinking process as the first experiment, and added a hand pointed at the cat. They found that cats weren’t just more likely to blink. They were also more likely to approach the human hand.

What does this cute pussycat want to tell us?
What does this cute pussycat want to tell us?

“It is the first study of the role of the slow blinker in communication between cats and humans,” McComb said .

“It’s something you can try at home with your own cat. It’s a great way to improve your bond with cats. Try to blink and look at them as if you were in a relaxed setting. Smile and close your eyes for a few seconds. You will see that they react in the same way.

“Communicating with cats by blinking can be used for several purposes. For example, to assess cat welfare in a variety of settings. Including veterinary practices and shelters, ”said McComb.

If you have a cat, you should try it already. And if you don’t have it … then find one and talk to him.

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