Comparison ChatGPT vs Google Bard: which is better?

Comparison between ChatGPT and Google Bard

Comparing the two most talked about conversational artificial intelligences today, ChatGPT vs Google Bard seems inevitable now that Google Bard is available for testing. At the moment, Google’s long-awaited chatbot is only available to users in the US and UK, although anyone can join the waiting list in the aforementioned article.

ChatGPT and Google Bard perform similar functions. However, about ChatGPT there is more information because it was launched in 2021.

These two artificial intelligences are able to give instant answers to any question. They fulfill a similar mission, but they also have outstanding differences between them. Being still emerging technologies, it is expected that one of the most interesting technological battles of 2023 will be fought between them.

As applications for them are developed and launched, the gap between one and the other is likely to widen. These are, for the moment, the main differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard

These are the four main differences between the two conversational systems using Artificial Intelligence:

– Availability.: As explained above, Google Bard is only available to users in the UK and US via a waiting list. ChatGPT is available for access from anywhere. It is worth mentioning that to use both services it is necessary to do so from web browsers such as Chrome and Edge. For now, neither offers mobile apps.

– Languages: at the moment, Bard only supports conversations in English. In the case of ChatGPT, the user can also ask questions in French and Mandarin.

– Knowledge and accuracy: The crucial difference in knowledge has to do with the age of the two systems. While ChatGPT has knowledge prior to the year 2021, Bard can answer any question, even if it has to do with recent discoveries.

Finally, in terms of accuracy, it is worth noting that Google Bard produces much shorter answers than ChatGPT.

– CodingOne of the most impressive features of ChatGPT AI is the ability to write programming code. With it you can program in languages such as HTML and JavaScript, something that Bard is not yet capable of.

– Limitations.Both artificial intelligences have the ability to lie. Moreover, in addition to language barriers, another difference is that ChatGPT can remember more than one conversation and Bard can only hold one at a time.

-Price: Finally, both chatbots are free, although ChatGPT has its own paid version called ChatGPT Plus.

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