Component guide to build a PC far superior to PS5 and Xbox X Series

Assembling a PC superior to PS5 and Xbox Series X on a tight budget was impossible a few months ago, but thanks to the price drop that have experienced numerous components now have it much easier to to build a very powerful configuration that will outperform both of them by far, and will even be ready to run ray-traced games, which is a big thing for those consoles.

I know some of you are taking advantage of that price drop to upgrade or buy a new PC, and that is why. today I want to help you with an interesting guide where I will leave you a list of components that will allow us to assemble a PC far superior to PS5 and Xbox Series X with a fairly contained budget.

The chosen components could be slightly modified depending on the budget you have, and also if you are willing to buy refurbished components with warranty, but in the end the important thing is that with the base configuration from which I will start this equipment will be able to move games in 1440p with all the guarantees.even with ray tracing enabled, and you won’t have any problem getting to 4K with maximum quality and deliver full fluidity thanks to DLSS 2.

As you might have guessed, in this configuration. we have chosen an NVIDIAand I’ll explain why later on. I imagine you are looking forward to reading the article, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Let’s take a look at the list of components and everything you need to know about this configuration. As always, if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments.

Platform and previous considerations

PC platform superior to PS5 and Xbox X Series.

To configure this equipment we have a certain budget but larger than in other guides, because our goal is not to play in 1080p, it is to do it. in higher resolutions without any problem and shape a PC far superior to PS5 and Xbox Series X. If your goal is to build a rig for 1080p gaming I recommend checking out this guide.

Since we have more leeway with the budget it doesn’t make sense to go for a previous generation platform, but at the same time. we can’t splurge either. That is why in this case I have opted for the platform Intel LGA1700where we can find motherboards with DDR5 support and good build quality at very affordable prices.

By mounting this platform we will be able to access to the latest industry standardsand we will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of processors capable of delivering a high level of performance for a very competitive price. We will also have considerable room for expansion, as we will be able to upgrade to three different generations of processors, including the upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh.

As you might have guessed, with this equipment we will fulfill all the necessary premises to assemble a PC that exceeds the minimum optimal levels for gaming. with all the guarantees to both current and future games without us having to worry about anything, and without us being forced to reduce quality drastically. We will therefore have dual-channel DDR5 memory and a high-performance SSD, in addition to a powerful graphics card, and we will not neglect the chassis either.

Mainboard: ASUS PRIME B760-PLUS


The motherboard is a very important choice, because the compatible standards and the expansion possibilities that we will have will depend on it. In this case we want to assemble a last generation equipment, and for this reason we need a motherboard that supports DDR5 memory and that it comes with the PCIe Gen5 standard.

We might think that this is going to make the price skyrocket, but nothing could be further from the truth, as we can mount the ASUS PRIME B760-PLUS for €148.99, a very reasonable price for what it offers, both in terms of performance and build quality.

This motherboard has four slots for DDR5 memory at max. 7,200 MHzsupports up to 128 GB, comes with a passive cooling system that covers both the VRM and the chipset area, has a PCIe Gen5 x16 slot with metal reinforcement. and includes passive heatsink in the first M.2 slot for SSD drives. It certainly offers a very solid value for what it costs.

Processor: Intel Core i5-12400F

As a processor I have chosen the Intel Core i5-12400F because. it offers excellent value for what it costs. This chip has six cores and twelve threads at 2.5 GHz and 4.4 GHz, normal and turbo mode, has. a very high IPC and when combined with DDR5 memory it delivers fantastic performance. It fulfills everything we’ll need to play any current and future titles optimally, and it’s quite cool.

The Intel Core i5-12400F Intel Core i5-12400F comes with a home fan that we can use without any problem. In gaming the temperatures that it registers can oscillate between 65 and 75 degrees, depending on the load of each particular title. These are totally safe values, so there is no need to buy a better fan unless we are going to use the processor for things that will keep it at 100% usage for extended periods of time.

It is priced at €162.99, and for that money it is. one of the best gaming processors in price-performance ratio. that we can find right now in the market, and beats by far the CPU that mount PS5 and Xbox X Series.

Graphics card: GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

I chose the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti because this graphics card right now offers outstanding value for what it costs. In terms of raw power it outperforms the GeForce RTX 2080 Super, which was the second most powerful of the Turing-based generation, and thanks to the second-generation RT cores. is able to work with ray tracing in a more efficient way.i.e. it suffers less performance loss.

Its configuration with a 256-bit bus and its 8 GB of graphics memory. are a guarantee to play optimally in 1080p and 1440p, and in 2160p we will have no problems in most cases. In games that consume more memory, it is enough to reduce a little the amount reserved for textures or the quality of them, which will have a minimal impact on image quality.

This graphics card performs very well even with active ray tracing, far outperforms the Radeon RX 6000 in that regard, and. thanks to DLSS 2 it is able to deliver superb performance even at 2160p.. A round purchase whichever way you look at it, especially now that we can buy it for 339.90 euros. Compared to PS5 GPU the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti plays directly in another league.

RAM memory: Corsair VENGEANCE DDR5 2 x 16 GB at 5,600 MHz

Memory is an important part of this PC, although it is important to be clear that for it to be superior to PS5 and Xbox Series X it is not necessary to have 32 GB of RAM. In this case I have chosen this configuration because the price difference between mounting 16 GB and 32 GB is only 26 euros. versus an equivalent 16 GB kit, so it’s not worth saving €26 to give up twice as much memory.

I have chosen the Corsair VENGEANCE memory kit with. two 16 GB modules at 5,600 MHz CL36 because it offers full compatibility, because it has a good build quality, because it is very economical and because it will allow us to get the most out of the Intel Core i5-12400F without having to spend a lot of money on RAM.

The price of this kit is only 106.10 euros, and a kit at the same frequency and latency but with a total capacity of 16 GB would cost us almost 80 euros. That’s why I said it’s not worth it. Keep in mind that by having two RAM modules we will be able to activate dual channel.

Storage: WD Blue SN570 1TB

The storage drive we have chosen is an inexpensive yet powerful SSD with a long lifespan that also offers good storage capacity. This model is capable of achieving sequential read and write speeds of 3,500 MB/s and 3,000 MB/s, which means that it exceeds the maximum 2,400 MB/s offered by the Xbox X Series SSD.

Thanks to the passive cooling system included with the motherboard we have chosen, we will be able to keep lower operating temperaturesand this will allow the SSD to develop its full potential without any problems. Having a storage capacity of 1TB is also essential to be able to keep several games installed without any problem, and for not run out of space in the short term.

For 54,99 euros it’s a great buyIt does not disappoint in any aspect, not even in its resistance to write cycles, since according to WD it has a 600 TB write tolerance.

Power supply: Nox Urano VX 650 watts 80+ Bronze

We have a team with a fairly moderate power consumption, as the processor has a maximum peak of 117 watts in turbo mode and the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti has a TGP of 200 watts. On average, this computer would have a load power consumption of about 415 watts approx.which means that with a 650 watt power supply we would have more than enough power to cover that consumption, and also the possible peaks derived from the graphics card at specific moments.

I have chosen the Nox Urano VX 650 watts 80+ Bronze because it is. an economical but capable power supply. that has everything we need, and that also has more than proved its reliabilityJust look at the huge number of units sold at PcComponents and the 4.5 stars out of a possible five.

It is not modular, but for what it costs and what it offers. we can’t ask for more. As I said it includes everything we need, as it has the 6+2 pin PCIe power connector that we will need for the graphics card and also brings the 8-pin CPU power connector that will go to the motherboard. Its price is 49.99 euros.

Chassis: MSI MAG FORGE 112R

This is a chassis that, on a personal level, I find really nice. I have chosen this model because it is perfectly designed to offer a solid and balanced value between price, aesthetics and performance. It has enough space for everything we want to mount, including the ATX motherboard, uses tempered glass and comes with four fans with RGB LED lighting.

The fan layout will allow us to create a good airflow without having to add anything else, since we have three located at the front that bring in cold air and one placed at the rear that takes hot air to the outside.

We could mount a cheaper chassis, but in the end we tWe would have to add fans to improve the temperature inside the chassis.especially if we keep the reference fan of the processor. It is priced at 73.98 euros. This point is optional and can be modified, but if you do so be careful and make sure that all the components will fit, and that the airflow will be good.

Total cost and final notes

PC top PS5 Cyberpunk 2077

The total cost of this equipment, as we have listed it component by component, would be 936,94 euros. If we want to install Windows 10 we could buy an OEM license for about 12 euros, so in the end the complete configuration with operating system included would amount to 948.94 euros. If our budget is 1,000 euros and we want to tighten it up we could add a second SSD drive to have 2 TB of total storage capacity.

The performance difference between this equipment and the new generation consoles would be huge, and if we introduce ray tracing and if we introduce ray tracing and DLSS 2 into the equation. the difference would be even bigger. Think that, roughly speaking, the PS5 GPU has proven to be between a Radeon RX 6600 and a RX 6600 XT in rasterization, and that ray tracing is very big for it, so much so that with such a setting it performs even worse than a GeForce RTX 2060.

Yes, the price of this PC is much higher than the price of PS5 and Xbox Series X, two consoles that can be bought for €549, but. that price difference is what allows us to assemble something far superior in every way. that will offer us a new level of gaming experience, and that will also have a much longer lifespan. To give you an idea of what we can expect in terms of performance I leave you a summary with some results:

  • Control at 1440p at maximum quality without DLSS2 and ray tracing: 66 FPS.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 at 1440p at ultra quality without DLS2 and ray tracing: 55 FPS.
  • Days Gone in 1440p with maximum quality: 90 FPS.
  • Dying Light 2 in 1440p at max quality without DLSS 2 and ray tracing: 67 FPS.
  • Elden Ring at 1440p with maximum quality: 74 FPS.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 in 1440p and maximum quality without DLSS 2: 48 FPS.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 at 1440p in ultra quality, ultra ray tracing and DLSS 2 in quality mode: 43 FPS.
  • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition at 1440p in ultra quality, ultra ray tracing and DLSS 2 disabled: 59 FPS.

Note: this selection contains some links from our affiliates, but none of the products included have been proposed or recommended by them or their manufacturers, but chosen at our own discretion.

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