Content marketing, the key to successful adult sales

The online shops for erotic toys and products related to sexuality are booming, as many people prefer to buy these types of articles on the Internet, as this ensures discretion and confidentiality.

Although there are many consumers, unlike other types of e-commerce, sex shops have some difficulty reaching their target audience because they cannot openly advertise paid advertising on social networks. How can one solve it? The key is to start all creativity to create content that is attractive and adds value. In other words, the secret lies in this Content Marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy based on the Generating content to attract and motivate a specific audience to take an action, such as subscribing to the website, downloading or purchasing a product.

For this it is necessary that the content created is of the best possible quality, that it shows that it responds to a need of the reader and eventually becomes addicting until it comes back to your site one by one and even you recommend to your friends.

How do you use content marketing in the erotic area?

While the blog is the primary medium a brand can use for content marketing, it is not the only one. Rather, such a strategy also includes posting on social media where the target group is.

How does it work in the erotic area? Basically creating a sexuality blog to accompany the store. On this page you can publish a wide range of content on the central topic of e-commerce, clarify, clarify doubts and inform. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to advertise the products sold through objective reviews.

In the case of social networks, as we have already mentioned, the adult entertainment sector cannot do paid advertising in them, so the only option that remains is to publish the best possible content, which is nothing but who is Followers help, entertain and inspire with the aim that these improve your sex life.

This is exactly part of the content marketing strategy that they implemented at Diversual, the leading online sex shop in Spain, which complements its online shop with an informative blog and a presence on social networks such as TikTok and YouTube, channels, you won’t find direct mail for their products, but lots of educational content on sexuality.

This, according to Ana Escudero, director of communications and marketing for the store, has “Has helped reach a community of over 1 million followers on RRS and over 600,000 followers on Tiktok in less than 5 months, in addition to videos with over 20 million views”

So in the case of adult content marketing, instead of creating social media content by selling “x” products, you can create content like this article that focuses more on teaching than selling. This type of content can also be posted on social networks without breaking any guidelines, which are sometimes quite restrictive when it comes to sex.

Content marketing is becoming one of the most preferred online adult toy stores marketing strategies, so it should be considered as it makes it possible to reach an audience that is genuinely interested in what is on offer.

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