Corona virus has a tradition of taking off shoes before they become fashionable


Undressing and leaving outside is one of the recommendations that come with the coronavirus. According to health workers, some changes in daily habits are the only effective tool for preventing the disease. One of the customs that must be implemented is this tradition, which is used in different cultures.

take off your shoes

This recommendation puts a tradition into practice that has been implemented by millions of people for many centuries. It is a habit that is currently being implemented. For example in Asian countries and those that have to do with Muslim culture. It is also used in some European countries such as Germany or Finland, as well as in Canada, India and Russia.

What does it traditionally mean to take off shoes before entering?

In the past, the head and feet were the most important parts of the body. The head connected the mind to the soul. The feet were also contaminated. By taking off your shoes, you avoided pulling all the dirt in from the street. Any bad thing was removed before entering a place. The owners of the place and the guests put it into practice.

Shoes were a threat in some cultures. It was a necessity in China, and the same was done in countries that adopted their customs, such as Japan or Vietnam. More importantly, considering that they didn’t use chairs and sat on the floor. In Japan, it means a lack of respect not to take your shoes off before entering. So you had special shoes in the house.

Take off your shoes and wear special shoes

The omission of impurities is the main cause in Hinduism. In the Muslim religion you cannot start praying without taking off your shoes. The Ottomans took off their shoes before entering the wide range of their conquests and spreading their customs.

It is important to take off your shoes before entering a place

Shoes can carry different types of germs, but that doesn’t mean you can get sick. Also take into account that some germs are beneficial for the body. According to some scientists, Covid 19 can be in clothing or shoes.

Therefore, when entering the house, it is convenient to take off all clothing, including shoes. Some health professionals confirm the effectiveness of the habit. While others argue that this is not necessary. Regardless of whether this is effective or not, there is no doubt that walking without shoes helps clean and clean the environment. So it is a positive custom to improve our quality of life.

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