Create telecommuting workstations to take the stress out of working from home

Working from home is a growing trend. The pandemic caused it to increase. However, this system creates stress for many people. The creation of teleworking booths can be the solution to this problem.

Teleworking cubicles –

People have always dreamed of having a more comfortable job. Working from home is a great example without commuting. For only a few years, teleworking became a reality for some people.

Teleworking is beneficial, but not so much

Currently, a large proportion of people work from home using the internet as a means of communication due to the conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is true that working from home has its advantages, there is no need to travel to work, which saves money and time.

It also makes it easier to save on clothes and groceries because the home cost is lower. Despite the benefits of working from home, many people who have to work from home feel isolated, which leads to stress.

Teleworking helps to avoid stress

Singapore Switch offers a solution for all of them. He installed prepaid booths in the main shopping centers so that he could work from there. They are small rooms equipped with WiFi and adequate furniture. They are prepared with ventilation and good lighting, as well as a simple decoration in keeping with a work office.

Teleworkers who do not want to work from home because they find it stressful can rent a stand using the prepaid system. . Leaving your home to get into a cubicle will reduce the stress of feeling isolated. He can pay for the time he stays in the cabin.

The stands come complete with antiseptic gel and towels – TIM MCDONALD (

Before the outbreak of the pandemic in Japan, this cabin system has been in use for a number of years. Telecube and Cocodesk installed 60 of these stands in strategic locations. Underground stations, the hall of the most important hotels and shopping centers were selected as locations.

In addition to the booths, the same companies own 3,500 work-sharing desks, which are cheaper than prepaid booths. However, the company plans to continue expanding with the cabins and disembarking in other countries.

Why are there teleworkers who prefer these rooms to work?

It is estimated that teleworking will stay here and will continue after the pandemic ends. Most likely it will be a mix of personal work and home work. Mainly because this format enables savings for the company and also for the employee.

For many workers, the difference between occupying a booth rather than working from home is fundamental and marks a psychological distance. The argument is based on the ability to separate everyday objects and surroundings in your home from those of a workplace.

Being able to move even when the distance is short is beneficial for them too, helping them relax out of isolation. It goes without saying that the use of a mask in teleworking cabins is an obligation for everyone. Everything you need to comply with the antiseptic treatment prescribed by the pandemic is also available in the cabin.

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