Curious websites to waste your time on

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The Internet is one of the most useful tools we have at our fingertips and safely surfing it is essential, whether you are doing work, checking social networks or just wasting time.

Visit any of these ten curious websites if you’re bored and have nothing better to do

In this article we are going to discuss pages with which to entertain yourself on the network, but remember to always do it safely. In this sense, we recommend using an application like Surfshark, with which you can surf with privacy, encrypting your data so that no one can access them. In addition, with this application you can change your IP whenever you want and enjoy unlimited privacy tools on all your devices.

The funniest web pages

There are thousands of sites that do not offer anything particularly useful but still have some fun… or can become addictive. Here are ten funny websites where you can’t help wasting a little time.


Send an email to your future self. Who hasn’t wanted to contact oneself in a few years? With this website you can do it. More or less. It allows you to set a timer (with 1, 3 or 5 years as predefined options, but you can also specify the exact date) to send an email to your account in the future.

Ideal so that in a few years we can see how we have changed or check if everything is still the same.


If you’ve ever wanted to be a skilled Hollywood hacker typing code at the speed of light on a black and green interface, this is your page. Feel like a high-level hacker just by pounding on your keyboard.


If you are a Simpsons fan, you can’t miss this page. Pick almost any dialogue from the series and create a GIF out of it. The potential uses in Twitter discussions are almost endless.


Everyone knows services for shortening links. Twitter, for example, does it automatically to reduce the number of characters. But with this page, you can do the opposite. Turn a link to a normal page into something suspicious that nobody would click on and send it to your friends.


If you are stressed or want to recreate your melancholy, RainyMood is your page. It serves to put an ambient sound of rain and storm. Especially useful for not losing your mind in August.


The mother of useless web pages. By itself it does nothing, but if you click on its only button it will take you to web pages with no utility whatsoever. Perfect if you’ve run out of plans on a Saturday.


Do you want to know how many emojis are posted on Twitter in real time? It’s not too useful information, but it can be useful to keep track of how tweeters express their emotions without resorting to words.


Your project to create a series for Netflix is not going as it should, but that’s okay. With this page you can get the push you need to develop a million-dollar idea.


Choose a nationality and this website will generate a fake identity for you with name, address, age and even zodiac sign.


A pokémon battle simulator to spend hours and hours and complement Pokémon GO. You can choose any pokémon from the existing ones and throw them into battle.

Other websites to waste your time on

-Google Earth: This omnipotent tool has allowed those who are lost to orient themselves, find an elusive destination and even locate the remains of ancient civilizations located under shallow waters or in the middle of impenetrable jungles. Thanks to the 3D views or the Street View option, in addition to seeing one’s own house from above, practically the entire planet can be explored in detail.

Google Earth

-GeoGuessr: It is about finding out the location shown based only on a random image from Street View, receiving a certain score depending on whether the answer is more or less close to the place. The only limitation is that you need to create an account, but with the free one you can play several times a day.


-Flight Radar 24: Real time map of the position of all aircraft flights (commercial or not) that are in the air at any time of the day and over any area of the planet. It offers updated information on the number and code of each flight by clicking on the icon that represents the aircraft, being able to know origin and destination airports, departure time and estimated time of arrival, duration and distance of the journey as well as information about the aircraft itself (type of aircraft, company, nationality…). Clicking on the airports also provides complete information about them, as well as the weather forecast in the area, including temperature and wind direction and intensity.

Web Flight Radar

-Map Crunch: Offers a random virtual tour to different locations around the world offered through Google Street View. Clicking on the “Go!” button takes the visitor to a different location.

Map Crunch platform

-Window Snap: In the mid-1990s, webcams were very popular. Connected to the Net from the homes of primitive Internet users, they allowed them to peer into the windows of the most varied and remote cities (and rural environments), a very novel way of looking at the world at that time. Now, through this web site, this experience can be repeated, alternating between multiple points of the planet with high resolution webcams and in many cases also being able to enjoy the ambient sound.

Window Snap webcams

-Astronomy Picture of the Day: When it is no longer enough to travel around the world, the time has come to look up to the sky and beyond our atmosphere. Nothing like this NASA website that every day shows a new view of some place in the cosmos obtained thanks to astronomy, either through ground-based telescopes or those located in space. A calendar is available that includes all the photos published every day since June 1995.

Astronomy pic of the day

-Histography: After traveling through the planet and through space you can travel through time with this visual tour through history where each point represents a moment of relevance in different fields (literature, music, war, politics, constructions, inventions…). The dots will enlarge when you move the pointer showing the event, about which you can get more information through a video, link to the corresponding page on Wikipedia and access to other related events.

web history

-Radio Garden: Another way to travel the world is through sound, specifically the sound of music and the countless radio programs that can be heard through this website. Thanks to an interactive globe you can literally travel the planet listening to live radio stations, which are linked to the cities from which they broadcast. You can search for stations or cities, in addition to being able to establish lists of favorites.

Sound Garden

-Shut up and take my money: The famous phrase popularized by the GIF of Fry (“Futurama”) anxiously showing a wad of bills (“shut up and take my money”) will ring multiple times in the head of whoever goes through this website full of hundreds of objects and gifts of all kinds, completely useless but absolutely essential. In some cases it will be irresistible to give in to the temptation of ordering any of these products (classified by categories such as clothing, wine, gifts for her, gifts for him, home, office, pets, Star Wars, technology…) but just browsing the web discovering these curiosities is already an entertaining pastime.

Shut Up and Take My Money

-Weave Silk: With this free online symmetrical drawing generator you just move the cursor on the screen with the mouse to create stunning graphics in an extremely simple way.

online drawing

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