“Dark Mode” switches to double Google authentication

Using a double authentication check when using social networking or any online service with this utility is recommended as it can avoid privacy issues such as identity theft. If you enable this option, every time you sign up for this service, an email or message will be sent to your phone number with a code confirming that you are the person who owns the service by You enter this temporary code in the Access process to this social network or service box.

Most of Google’s products already include dark mode

Almost all Google products have the option to use double authentication. Despite the fact that Google launched “dark mode” for a lot of them, like YouTube or Google Drive, the notifications that showed them turned out to be bright white.

This, which seems a bit trivial, was certainly annoying because if you’re using a service like Gmail with “dark mode” and suddenly one of the white screens comes up, it wasn’t pleasant to look at.

For this reason, Google has finally updated the notifications for double authentication and now also supports the “dark mode” of the Android browser. When enabled, these messages are also displayed with a black background that is easier to see in low light.

Google used this launch to make other small changes as well. For example, it now includes red and green buttons while accessing some of its main tools in dark mode and has added a new font, Google Sans.

All of these new features are now available to all users with personal Google Accounts on devices running the Android operating system. From there you can easily activate the “dark mode” to get a black background in the applications and to reduce battery consumption.

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