Did Stonehenge really start in Wales?

It is the most famous megalithic monument. But apparently he’s made a long journey to where he is. That’s what a team of archaeologists thinks. They found a disassembled stone circle in West Wales. They believe it was transferred to Salisbury Plain in England. And yes, they believe Stonehenge actually started in Wales. And it was rebuilt in its current location.

Stonehenge actually started in Wales after extensive research.
Stonehenge actually started in Wales after extensive research.
Carry stones

It was already known that the monument’s smallest stones (blue stones) came from the Preseli Hills of Wales. It is believed that they were first erected 5,000 years ago. Centuries before Stonehenge’s largest sarsen stones were brought from just 22 kilometers away.

The team is led by Professor Mike Parker Pearson from the Department of Archeology at University College London. He identified megalithic quarries for the bluestones and a nearby dismantled stone circle. He says they were taken out of the circle and recycled in Stonehenge, 200 kilometers away. Why? Maybe as a result of the migration. They publish the study in ancient times.

Professor Parker Pearson said so in a statement. “I have been leading projects in Stonehenge since 2003. This is the culmination of twenty years of research. It’s one of the most important discoveries I’ve made.

The find goes a long way towards solving the mystery of why Stonehenge’s bluestones were brought from so far. All other stone circles were built within walking distance of their quarries.

Archaeological excavations in 2018 revealed empty stone holes in Waun Mawn. Confirm that the remaining four stones were part of a previous circle. Dating confirmed that it was around 3400 BC. Was placed

The monument is visited by thousands of people for its architectural mystique.
The monument is visited by thousands of people for its architectural mystique.

Waun Mawn and Stonehenge lined up at the beginning of the summer solstice. One of Stonehenge’s bluestones has an unusual cross-section that matches one of the remaining holes in Waun Mawn. The Welsh circle was 110 meters in diameter, as was the moat that surrounds Stonehenge.

Professor Parker Pearson said, “It’s like you’ve just disappeared. Perhaps most of the people emigrated and took their stones with them to start over.

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It’s quite believable to say that Stonehenge actually started in Wales. A recent isotope analysis of the first people buried there shows that they most likely came from Wales.

Around 43 bluestones have been preserved in Stonehenge today. Although many of them are buried under the grass, with other secrets … this will continue to come to light.

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