did you know how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world of sports?

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Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, to the point of transforming different sectors. We tell you how Artificial Intelligence impacts on sports!

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the world of sports

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet it is possible to enjoy different possibilities in the world of sports. Not only can you follow the main matches of various disciplines, but also make reliable sports forecasts, as is the case with Bet365 Chile. However, technology in general is also having an impact on sports.

A clear example happens with Artificial Intelligence. Basically, this resource is being implemented in different sports, such as baseball, soccer, basketball or soccer. The goal? To automate a series of activities, seeking to improve what is done by humans.

Let’s take an example to make it clearer. For some years, the physical trainers of soccer players needed to diagram a training plan for each of the players. This was a problem, since it was sometimes difficult to contemplate each requirement according to the data.

Well, this has been solved with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. Depending on the characteristics of each player, the needs of the team and the variation in their weight, it is possible to develop a plan not only for training, but also for nutrition for each of them.

and how is this done? Well, through data capture, something that can be internalized with technological sensors. For example, players are fitted with chips that are responsible for measuring their performance in each training session. Valuable information is collected there, such as the maximum speed they have reached.

The importance of using technology in a useful way

This facilitates the work of professionals. Firstly, because by having more accurate data, it is possible to continuously monitor individual athletes. However, it also simplifies the plans that are made based on these numbers, since Artificial Intelligence can recommend an action in the face of these obtained data.

However, here’s the kicker: supervision by a specialist will always be necessary. For example, a sports nutritionist will be the only one authorized to choose the diet of professionals, something that can never be done by an Artificial Intelligence. Yes, on the other hand, the nutritionist can rely on AI suggestions.

The key is to understand that this monitoring is positive for the world of sports, as long as it is used judiciously. And this applies not only to the “inside” world of sports, but also to the fans. For example, they can get tickets through a chatbot, but that doesn’t mean that employees should cease to exist.

That is, if the chatbot fails and it is not possible to get a ticket for a match, it will always be necessary to go to a person trained to sell this ticket. For this reason, the good use of these technological resources will determine their impact on sports.

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