Did you know that open air museums are fashionable?

If we imagine a museum, we see a very well-preserved construction in which various pieces of humanity are protected and exhibited. Museums have changed to adapt to the current world, adding different suggestions that attract the public. One of them are the open air museums, which are distributed in different parts of the world.

What is an open air museum?

The Open Air Museum is an open space in which one or more topics are shown. The innovative thing is that in addition to entering the suggestion, you can also enjoy the natural surroundings.

It’s not new since the first one was created in Stockholm on Skansen Hill in 1891. But today they have become fashionable. Today you can visit a variety of open air museums in different parts of the world.

The most attractive open air museums

If you visit several of them, you may find that each has its own attractions and properties. Although the majority is devoted to the exhibition of contemporary art, there are open-air museums on various topics. The list of the most attractive and most visited includes:

Hakone Art Museum in Japan

It is located on Mount Gora near Tokyo. Contemporary works of art by Japanese artists and other great artists from around the world are exhibited on an area of ​​70,000 square meters with incredible gardens. You can see a variety of vases, ceramics, and fabulous statues.

Open air museums in the world
Art museum in Hakone, Japan
Buendía’s faces

This museum can be visited in the municipality of Buendía in Cuenca in Spain. In a beautiful landscape of pine and olive groves, you can enjoy pre-Columbian sandstone sculptures in combination with other styles such as Hindu.

A collection of different and attractive faces is displayed. The faces and the natural environment full of aromatic plants invite you to start the journey to the end. You can enjoy art and nature to the fullest.

Glass forest museum

It is also located in Hakone, Japan and specializes in Venetian glass sculptures. You can see glass bridges and life-size glass trees among other sculptures of this material. Everything is surrounded by a dream forest.

Caminito in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminito is located in the Argentinian capital in the La Boca district and is a street framed by the picturesque and colorful facades of the houses. You can see works and murals by various artists.

It is characterized by the fact that the artists interact with the public. You can also enjoy folklore shows, tango or poems on the street.

Open air museums in the city
Caminito, city of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bottero square

The Plaza Bottero is located in Medellín, Colombia. 23 bronze sculptures by the artist Fernando Bottero are on display. Each sculpture basically refers to a specific topic about men and women. It’s a walk to visit when you visit Medellin.

Sculpture Park, Pablo Atchugarry Foundation

This open air museum is located in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It is located near the city center and shows works of art by various artists. Visitors visit an exhibition on 25 hectares. It is an ideal place to enjoy a lake in a spectacular landscape

These are just a few of those spread around the world. The Open air museums They are an excellent option to visit if you can travel again after the end of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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