Difference between influencers and “genuine influencers” [Vídeo]

You may have started hearing about “genuine influencers” as opposed to traditional “influencers” who are social network users with high prescribing capacity in front of their followers and are hired by brands to promote their products and services in their publications , their videos, their stories … and even in their live broadcasts, a format that is increasingly used by influencers as they can “weigh” the recommendation in a more natural way and without the public being able to “skip” the more commercial part .

Yet, “Genuinfluencers” do not sell any products or servicesAlthough they can also be very useful for businesses when it comes to getting news to their target audience or changing a negative perception to spread informative news … as we show in the video below.

The main difference is that Genuinfluencers do not recommend a product or service to their audience, but rather comment on an idea, information, belief … with which they identify. What is important when working with Genuinfluencers is that they honestly and truthfully reflect the values ​​they are trying to convey. Your credibility is key to businesses, not so much the number of followers they have.

Because of this, they are considered “more real influencers” as opposed to those who do They rate the number of followers or interactions by weight that they generate in social networks. It would be a kind of confrontation between “quality” and “quantity” where the first variable in communicating beliefs and ideas wins against more commercial trends that seek to sell a product or service.

In both cases, the challenge for companies is to find the most suitable influencer – or genuine influencer – when it comes to influencing their product or service – or message – taking into account those in the strategy of marketing.

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