Differences between HDMI and HDCP

What is HDMI

HDMI vs HDCP, a necessary face-to-face because many people use both terms indifferently when they are not the same and, furthermore, they fulfill a different purpose.

To avoid confusion, here you will learn what HDMI and HDCP are and what differentiates these ports that you will find on your TV, laptop or monitor.

What is HDMI

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is hardware that makes it possible for two devices to connect to transfer audio and sound, for example, it allows you to connect your game console to your smart TV or monitor.

HDMI is usually the connection port. Furthermore, when referring to the HDMI cable, it refers to the cable that is responsible for connecting the HDMI ports to a screen.

This cable ensures that the signal coming from the port is compatible with the panel. Now the crucial point is that HDMI includes HDCP because this is the cable software.

What is HDCP

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection or Broadband Digital Content Protection) is a security protocol (software) that prevents third parties from recording copyrighted digital content.

So when HDCP is enabled and you play content, you must have an HDMI cable that supports it so you can play it. Otherwise, an error message will appear on the screen.

When the cable transmits the content from the source to the device connected to it, they interact through handshake. Which is nothing more than the exchange of security codes to authenticate each other by running the HDCP protocol. If everything is correct, the HDMI cable will unlock the signal and play it on the screen.

Besides, There are two versions of HDCP: 1.4 and 2.2. The 1.4 alternative is made for consuming content in Full HD (1080 p), while the 2.2 format is ideal for 4K resolution or higher. It is important to mention that, if you play a 4K video with an HDMI cable with HDCP 1.4 protocol, it will be downgraded to Full HD because the “handshake” will be partially completed.

What is the difference between HDMI and HDCP?

The difference is simple, HDMI has to do with hardwarethat is, the cable itself, while the HDCP is the software that includes said cablewhich is the security protocol that guarantees the protection of content against piracy.

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