Digital marketing tips for local businesses

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An ad on social media, a blog post from an influencer or a good review on Google Maps can do a lot for improve the visibility of a local business. However, local businesses also often find it more difficult to access appropriate digital marketing strategies, as they often do not have the necessary budget.

Telling a brand-related story can significantly improve a company’s visibility

However, with all of the free tools available to us today, digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Many times, it is enough to get organized and be creative. To that end, in this article we want to share some marketing ideas for local businesses that can help:

-Improve our brand story: Storytelling is a very powerful marketing tool and with which we can create a local narrative around a local business. To do this, we can create a character who enjoys his favorite coffee or terrace, we can also tell an anecdote about the building where the company is located, for which it is not even necessary to invent anything.

-Collaborate with local influencers: Micro-influencers have a higher engagement with their followers, so it can be an excellent idea to contact an influencer who is known locally to collaborate with us. To find them we will need to use social listening tools, as Google will not work for us.

-Local SEO: We can take advantage of the benefits of Local SEO, creating content that tells local stories. It is content focused on entertainment and knowledge, but that at the same time allows us to improve positioning and visibility. In this sense, lists are a type of content that works very well, for example, the five best coffee shops or restaurants with the best typical dish of the area.

-Facebook groups: Although it can be somewhat complicated, as each group has its own community rules, joining Facebook groups is an excellent way to give visibility to a company. Joining these groups not only serves to attract users, but also to learn more about the tastes and habits of the people around you. These groups should not be used to post offers or discounts, but should be used to create conversations with other users that add value.

-Get involved in reviews: Reviews, both negative and positive, offer a lot of value to users. It is for this reason that we must try to get every customer to write a review, but we must also be careful with the reviews they leave us. We have to answer all of them, even the negative ones, thanking them and asking for more information about any problems the user may have had in our store.

-Local events: Whenever the type of business allows it, we have to try to organize local events. In case there are restrictions or, if it is possible because of the type of business, we can organize online events that allow us to reach customers everywhere. We have to organize events where everyone feels involved, for example, to try to raise funds or solve a community problem. We can use local Facebook Groups to promote the event and try to reach more people.

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