DirecTV is now called “Simple TV” after it was sold

DirecTV Venezuela Simple television

The Venezuelan Supreme Court (TSJ) approved the purchase by Scale Capital of the equipment, signals and operations of DirecTV, the country’s satellite entertainment company that has been the subject of controversy for the past few months, and had to close operations after returning to the screen last August sowed confusion among users who You had to activate the signal again Follow this series of steps. .

Simple TV is a Chile-based mobile communications company that is part of the brand of Scale Capital, the new owner of DirecTV Venezuela

Following this decision, which some users could already notice on their TVs today when they entered the activation channel and saw a different logo than that of the company, the company is now called “Simple TV”, a name that is the trademark of Scale Capital, as shown below in a photo by local journalist Arnaldo Espinoza on Twitter:

Simple television DirecTV

What is simple television?

Many Venezuelans wonder why it is called “Simple TV”. Apparently the name comes from a mobile phone company operating in Chile (Simple Móviles), which is one of the Scale Capital companies on the American continent.

It has now been renamed Simple TV through the purchase of Scale Capital’s DirecTV business. In addition to this brand change, the company has also announced new plans for the Simple TV Twitter account, which will indicate the programs that will be released from November 14th, the date the service will be billed from November 14th. The first to be available will be the three free months the company has offered itself after restoring its emissions in the country last August. Of course, prices aren’t mentioned in the company’s tweet:

He Change DirecTV went through this year As a brand and company, it was radical as many Venezuelan users learned after the US communications company AT&T – previously owned by DirecTV Venezuela – a political dispute with the Venezuelan and United States governments last May.

Both nations are experiencing a moment of tension that also affected the Venezuelan entertainment service. Due to the deletion of two state channels from the program network, DirecTV had to cease operations in the country in a dilemma. Three months after the event, DirecTv returned to the Venezuelan screen as mentioned earlier, but many users are having problems not knowing how to re-enable the DirectTV service.

The fate of DirecTV Venezuela and its more than two million Venezuelan customers now remains in the hands of Scale Capital and the renowned Simple TV. It is just a matter of waiting for their tariffs to be published and the demand for this new satellite entertainment company from the country’s citizens increasing or decreasing.

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