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E-commerce has evolved hand in hand with technology. Thus, today we see the great boom of this sector, which makes it possible for us to buy any product or service with a simple click. That is why, in this post we will talk to you about the technologies behind the most innovative payment methods. Let’s get started.

Digital wallets

One of the most important advances in payment methods comes from digital wallets. This new technology, also known as e-walletallows making transactions without the need for the user to have a traditional bank account. Specifically, they are digital means that function as an electronic and mobile bank from the web or through applications.

We can deposit funds in them through bank accounts or credit cards, but also from other digital media. In this way, it is possible to purchase products and services without exposing our financial information. This is because it only requires an email that replaces our bank account and credit cards.

Likewise, they are a great option to transfer money to family and friends who are in different parts of the world. In addition, thanks to their modern encryption software, transactions are instantaneous and very secure.

All these features have made them very popular in the growing e-commerce. However, each website determines which digital portfolios best fit your business model.

Thus, we can see how more and more platforms are deciding to add new payment methods to their range of possibilities, from content platforms to sports betting with PayPal, a whole repertoire of payment gateways with which to make secure transactions. In addition to PayPal, other digital wallets that stand out in the world of online entertainment are Skrill and Neteller. Although if you feel like going to the supermarket or shopping mall in person, you should consider other options. In the latter case, the most popular digital wallets are:

– Apple Pay
– Microsoft Wallet
– Samsung Pay
– Android Pay
– Masterpass


If we are talking about innovation, we must necessarily talk about cryptocurrencies. This virtual money is possible thanks to two very important technologies such as cryptographic encryption and the blockchain.

The first has to do with the algorithmic encoding of information, which allows each cryptocurrency to be unique and unforgeable. Thus, in addition to serving to guarantee the integrity of transactions, it makes it possible to control both the creation and the incorporation of new virtual currencies into the crypto system.

For its part, the blockchain is another algorithmic system. However, its main difference is that it works on a system of blocks that store information in a decentralized manner. This forms a kind of shared ledger where all transactions are recorded. But the most important thing is that this information is unalterable. Thus it is possible to know the origin and location of each cryptocurrency. For this reason, cryptocurrencies are considered one of the most secure payment methods today.

In addition, the blockchain gives a great independence to the crypto system. Since it is not subject to regulation by any agency (such as a central bank), it has a global character. In this way, you can make transactions from anywhere in the world such as selling, buying and transferring. In other words, they are global currencies, without limitation of geographical borders.

Cards with digital CVVs

The use of cards in a “non-face-to-face” manner is becoming more and more popular. However, this type of payment method is not very secure. So, to combat this problem, there is now a digital CVV – from English, card verification value -corresponding to the card verification value. This allows frequent changes to the 3-number code that appears on the back of our credit cards. In this case, the technology used is a random number generator.

As you have seen, technology is the best ally of e-commerce. However, we are still waiting for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in payment methods.

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