Disney+ beats Netflix in the streaming battle

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The fierce competition between the various streaming platforms goes by the name of “Streaming Wars” and it is a fierce fight, especially in recent months, starring mainly Netflix and Disney+.

Netflix, with 222 million subscribers, continues to be the world’s leading streaming platform

In the last quarter, according to company data, Disney+ added more than 7.9 million new subscriptionsthis brings the total number of users worldwide to 87.6 million, to which should be added another 50.1 million through the international Disney Plus Hotstar platform.

With this the streaming platform now has 7.1 million more subscribers than last year, who can enjoy the best Disney+ movies and series. Additionally it has another 205 million users subscribed to two other platforms that are part of the same group, Hulu and ESPN.

As for profits, Disney points out that the monthly profit per subscriber is raised from $6.01 to $6.31 thanks to the increase in the subscription price. The profits achieved have grown even despite the multi-million dollar licensing costs to obtain the rights to various content. No details have been provided in this regard, but everything suggests that the bulk of this item would have been directed to recover part of the catalog of Marvel productions that until now were available on the rival platform Netflix.

Other competitors have also gained new additions, although not in such a bulky way. This is the case of HBO, which totals 77 million users after adding three million new subscribers during the last quarter.

In contrast, Netflix, the platform that is so far the market leader with 222 million subscribers, in its most recent quarterly results rendition acknowledged some 200,000 fewer subscribers compared to the same quarter last year, marking its first drop in users over a decade.

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