Do comments affect a website’s SEO?

Comments affect the page

SEO is already known as an art. It’s very complex for the most part as Google uses algorithms more than 200 quality factors at the time of positioning the pages. As is often said among SEO professionals, some of these factors are unknown to Google employees.

Google only pays attention to comments on column pages with already classified content

One of the elements that has recently been seen as a possible ranking factor is comments. So far, comments have always been removed from search engine optimization because they were never important or relevant by Google. However, after a question about the “Search of the Record” podcast under the direction of Google gurus John Mueller and Gary Illyes, the topic of comments has come to the fore. Do they have an impact on search engine optimization or not?

On the podcast, a user asked a question about using third-party applications like Disqus – a comment management service that can be implemented on any page and performs a similar function to a social network and feed reader to optimize the comments. Remarks-. In particular, they asked whether Google was able to do this Index comments made by this type of service.

Both Google experts pointed out that there are only comments in the main content little weight in positioning a website. For example, a web page on education with a central Montessori method content that receives a lot of comments has some weight on Google, which translates all of these comments as a signal of the authority of the page and therefore the EAT of them. On the other hand, comments on a secondary or light page have no effect on the positioning of the page.

However, you need to consider spam-type comments. These types of comments usually promote products that Google is labeling as adults, which can cause page positioning issues. For example, a lemon cookie recipe page that has a lot of comments about selling sex products may be flagged as adult content or even spam by Google, preventing it from ranking properly.

The solution is performed in addition to correctly configuring the antispam plugins Review comments manually and the links that usually accompany them to eliminate those that are suspicious or directly harmful.

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