Do you want to be vegan It's not just about consuming vegan products

Veganism is a life decision that involves several aspects. Although most talked about vegan food, veganism is not just about consuming vegan products. It is a trend that is attracting more and more fans worldwide.

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Proponents of this philosophy of life do not admit to using an animal or its derivatives for their own benefit. The environmental impact footprint they generate is also very important to them. The vegan eliminates the consumption of animal-related products from his diet. Clothing and accessories that are made from raw materials of the same origin are also not used.

Vegan products benefit health

More and more products appear on supermarket shelves in the vegan category. Vegans theorize that they are good for your health. They are also an alternative for people with intolerance to certain substances of animal origin.

Becoming vegan must be achieved gradually. A good vegan diet is based on a varied and complete nutrition plan. In this case, very good benefits for the body are achieved. The most important thing is to make the change gradually and under the guidance of a specialist.

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The importance of labeling vegan products

The main dilemma for vegans is to make sure that the product they choose is really vegan. Many products have the European label, which they certify as such, but others do not.

Many labels on vegan products are not clear enough. They must contain ingredients or components, rating number and preparation / expiry date. Also add information about the following features:

  • Cruelty free
  • Natural product
  • Organic product
  • It does not contain derivatives of animal origin.

Increase the variety of classes and brands of vegan products

Products that are certified as vegan are increasing in varieties and brands. Today they are available in addition to food, cosmetics, personal care products as well as clothing and accessories. There are brands that are characterized by veganity and are identified by the public.

Vegan cosmetics contain no ingredients of animal origin and are made without animal testing. They contain synthetic ingredients and have the property "free from cruelty".

Go vegan with products that do not contain cruelty to animals

There are shampoos, dishwashing creams and toothpastes that are vegan for their ingredients or for environmentally friendly packaging. Vegan hair dyes have plant-based dyes that contain keratin from the same source without sacrificing quality.

Vegan footwear is made of synthetic materials such as leather, cotton and canvas. The same applies to the manufacture of wallets and bags. The use of animal hides or skins is not accepted.

There are many materials that can be used to make vegan clothing. In addition to cotton, linen and polyester, there are a variety of acrylic colors and different fiber combinations. There are even materials whose main component is recycled plastic. .

Being vegan is an attitude that has now become a lifestyle. Their respect for nature and animals prevails. It is an awe of life based on compassion for living things and rejection of predators.

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