Does DNA Influence Your Love Decisions?

Are you among those who consider themselves romantics? Or do you sing songs of defiance and heartbreak because it’s not your thing? How do you choose your partner? No, it’s not your zodiac sign. It turns out that DNA affects your love decisions. In many fictions, the plot has to do with the choice of partners through DNA. But it happens in real life.

DNA influences your love choices.  That explains everything.  Or not?
DNA influences your love choices. That explains everything. Or not?
What you call chemistry

Cheiko Mitsui had been looking for love for more than 10 years when she discovered the union of couples through DNA. Then he contacted the Swiss company GenePartner. She says her genetic testing can act as a “complement” to uniting couples. “It’s important to have both sides. One of them is biological compatibility, or what we call chemistry, ”says geneticist Tamara Brown. She is one of the founders of GenePartner. «The other side is social compatibility. Both have to work for the relationship to be successful.

They analyze the genes of the so-called human leukocyte antigen system. HLA, for its acronym in English. “HLA is an important gene primarily for the human immune system,” says Brown. “The greater the diversity of HLA in a person, the better their immune response.”

When you meet someone, it’s not about looks. It’s about something else. And if that person is really interesting and you don’t know exactly why, you are actually feeling HLA.

Cheiko Mitsui hoped the DNA analysis would give her “peace of mind” in choosing her next partner for a long term relationship. In September 2018 he was “compatible” with Tomohito, a 45-year-old man. After a month of dating, the couple decided it was time to test their DNA. “The end result wasn’t 100%, but it was almost perfect,” says Mitsui. Two weeks later they decided to get married.

The tests that GenePartner performs assess various variables related to DNA.
The tests that GenePartner performs assess various variables related to DNA.
Doubts about science

The genetic researcher Rodrigo Barquera from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany has doubts. There is evidence of the role of HLA genes in mate selection, but this is not considered sufficient.

“Genes ‘worry’ about combining and reproducing,” says the researcher. These genes don’t want to “know” anything else. In contrast, human relationships are much more complex than just having children.

Diogo Meyer is a geneticist at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. She has her own take on the appearance of genetics on dating and relationship sites. “It says more about how science is sold and perceived.”

“I think science brings with it the idea that it presents categorical facts. Since there are statistical tests, DNA and molecular tests, people believe that it is closer to the truth, that it is more reliable than other types of information.

«Does DNA influence your love decisions? Minimal. I think this sells more than science can offer.

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