Dog or cat, a choice that defines your personality

Deciding between a dog or a cat can often be seen as more than just an animal choice — it can define your personality in many cases. Some claim that individuals who opt for a dog show traits of loyalty, enthusiasm, and love while those who prefer cats have qualities of independence, intelligence and curiosity.

Undoubtedly, dogs and cats are the most chosen pets by people all over the world. A group of pet lovers do not prefer one or the other, they love both species equally. However, in general, there are those who prefer dogs and in turn those who choose cats. But science has confirmed that these preferences are directly related to some personality traits. Which do you prefer, dog or cat?

dogs or cats

Likewise, through the same research it could be confirmed that dog lovers represent a large majority. Of almost 500 students interviewed at universities in the United States, 85% preferred dogs. It should be noted that the survey involved inhabitants of only one country. Thus, these percentages cannot be considered worldwide.

For example, surveys conducted in Spain point out that 10% of the population share their lives with one or more dogs. While only 7% prefer felines.

Tell me who you live with, dog or cat and I’ll tell you what you are like.

According to psychologists, there are marked differences between both groups. In addition, they assure that a certain mimicry is detected between the character attributed to the pet and the way of perceiving oneself.

These differences do not only mark personality traits. There are those who affirm that by making intelligence tests to both groups, the IQ of the cat lovers is higher.

Differences in the personality of dog and cat lovers.

According to recently conducted studies, those people who prefer dogs are more extroverted. They focus on valuing their interpersonal relationships. They are warmer people and generally try to comply and respect the rules imposed by society.

It is worth considering that dogs like to be taken for walks, and during their walks to socialize with other dogs and also with people.

dog or cat

For their part, according to the research, cat lovers are more self-sufficient and are generally not as social beings, being shy and preferring solitude. At the same time, they are more creative and open-minded.

Characteristics that are also denoted in cats. They are independent, unpredictable beings and are not always willing to give or receive caresses or offer a warm welcome to their owner.

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