Donald Trump is launching his own digital platform

Following events on January 6, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol following the former president’s defeat in the November elections, then-President of the United States, Republican Donald Trump, was banned from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube . Since then, he has warned several times that he would be building his own social network, and he has kept his word. Donald Trump has presented his own digital platform from which he can communicate with his followers.

Donald Trump advirtió that he would create his own digital platform and he kept his word

Baptized as From the Desk of Donald Trump (in Spanish, From the Office of Donald Trump), the website collects videos of the former president, news and political statements from him. Although Donald Trump was expected to build a social network to compete with the big players in the market, the former Republican president has been content with that a kind of blog with short entries.

Followers have the option to register and open an account on the internet to receive notifications when the former president makes a publication. Although there is no comment system, Users can give it a “Like” to Trump’s news and share it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Jason Miller, one of the advisors closest to the former president, has assured on Twitter that “there will be more information in the near future,” suggesting the web may have new developments soon.

The web was created by the company Campaign core, a company founded and run by Brad Parscale, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. His presentation takes place one day before the advisory board decides whether the former president should permanently veto his social network or whether he will reinstate him.

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