Download the best free torrents through Don Torrent and its alternatives

Downloading torrents for the purpose of watching movies and series has been very popular over the years. But with the emergence of digital streaming platforms, torrent downloading has decreased. However, there are still thousands of people around the world who prefer free torrent downloading to watching movies and series online.

Because people continue to download torrents, the websites that place torrents are still standing. Although there are many websites that make it easy to download torrents for free, very few are reliable. Among the most popular and best, we can mention Don Torrent.

Download the best free torrents through Don Torrent and its alternatives

Through this article, we will talk about Don Torrent, a website that turns out to be very useful and that is well known by people from different parts of the world. In addition, we will also talk about the best alternatives that we can use in order to download free torrents in a safe and fast way.

What is DonTorrent?

Basically, it is one of the best websites that gives its users the opportunity to download torrents for free, it is well known all over the world. It also has a wide variety of files, among which we can find more than 120,000 torrents, among which we can download series and movies quickly and safely.


Each of the torrents is organized by different categories, among which we can easily locate the film material we are looking for. In the main page we find a list on the left side, where the available movies are located, both in standard and high definition format and in 4K.

We also have available series in common format and series in HD, of which we can find them with their chapters and complete seasons. In addition, there are also documentaries, music, games, and much more content. In case we do not find the content we are looking for through the categories, there is also a search bar where we can make a deep investigation.

One of the advantages of Don Torrent is that it allows you to download the content of your website without having to go through advertising shorteners. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms for downloading torrents in Spanish. In case you want to enter the official website of Don Torrent and download torrents for free.

Alternatives to Don Torrent to download torrents for free

Torrent downloading around the world is very popular, and despite the increase in streaming services there are thousands of websites that can offer a torrent download service. However, many of these sites can be exponentially unsafe, so it is sometimes difficult to trust safe sites.


For this reason, in this article we present the best sites where we can download our favourite torrents for free and securely. Some of the best websites we can find on the internet are


1- DivxTotal

It is among the best sites that allow the download of series and films in Torrent. Although it is constantly under threat from the authorities and has faced blockades more than once, this page is still active on the net. Although it is suspended in several countries, the service offered by DivxTotal is excellent.

In this page, we can find the best torrents in Spanish, and we can download content of series, movies, both in normal and HD format. It also contains 3D movies in Torrent format, from which we can make a direct download. However, there are also other types of files, such as music, documents, and programmes.


2- Elite Torrent

This is another website that has faced repeated blocking by the authorities. In fact, it has had to change its domain, in order to avoid the siege and constant persecution. Although from time to time it suffers a relapse, it soon resurfaces. At present, they are in charge of raising torrents in Spanish and their domain is still functioning.

This page is dedicated to providing the service only on films and series, generally placed in 1080p and 720p. All the audiovisual content it presents is available in both Spanish and Latin Spanish. We can also find them in the original language version with subtitles and with the dual option, allowing the user to change the language.

3- Go Premieres

It is one of the oldest pages that offer the torrent download service. In addition, it is one of the pages that changes its domain frequently, due to the attacks that it suffers frequently. However, in spite of the opposition, in Estrenos Go they have been able to remain throughout the time. It has a slightly old appearance, but thanks to its design, this site allows to remember the web pages that existed years ago.


Although it is an old page, the content on it is kept up to date, offering the latest films in theatres, HD and normal format films, series, games, music and programmes. Therefore, in case you are looking for alternatives to download free torrents effectively, Premieres Go is a good option.

4- Best Torrent

This is perhaps the oldest Spanish-language torrent website in existence. However, the antiquity is not an impediment to offer the best torrents for free. In this site, we can find more than 57 thousand torrents, among which we can find a little of everything. Although its interface and presentation is very simple, it has everything necessary to benefit the users.


In this website, multiple documents, movies in standard and high definition format, and series of all kinds are available. In addition, we also find PC games and music, along with a large number of other files. Therefore, it is a recommended option that serves as an alternative to Don Torrent and where we can download torrents for free.

5- Sub Torrents

This is a very efficient portal where you can get all kinds of audiovisual content in Torrent format, but subtitled. Although in this platform you can find mainly films and series in original audio with subtitles, it has a tiny portion of content in Spanish. Each of the videos are in DVD quality or in 720p.

Thanks to the search tools found in Sub Torrents, we can easily locate the content of our preference. Some of these tools are: the category filter, where we can locate the film or series depending on its genre. And the other is the search bar, with which we can make a precise search of what we are looking for.


6- The Pirate Bay

This is one of the best and oldest torrent sites, if there is a torrent file on the internet, we can find it at Pirate Bay. It is basically a torrent page in English that gives its beneficiaries access to millions of files, where they can make a direct and fast download. Thanks to the labels that VIP users place on the files, it is easy to identify whether a file is of quality or not.


Although it has evaded blocking attempts on many occasions, this website still rings out in the mouths of many users around the world. In addition, it has been designed in a simple way, and has a dynamic interface, so that any user accessing your website can easily download


Thanks to RARBG we can have unlimited access to a large amount of new content, this site has many followers in many areas of the planet. It is constantly being updated so that users who download free torrents can download the latest movies and series. In addition to the films and series, this community provides the best music, applications, etc.


Although it has been actively working for more than 12 years, it is blocked in different countries. So, if it is not available in your country and you want to access it, you can use a VPN to download the torrents. However, it should be noted that the quality of the multimedia files found on this site is the best. So it is an excellent alternative to download the torrents.

8- 1337X

It is a web portal where we can easily find the best Torrent files on the Internet. It also offers excellent content on films, series, music and many other files. Moreover, it also has precise search functions that will help us to locate any Torrent file we are looking for.


It also has a design that is pleasing to users who have used its services. The page has also been renewed on several occasions, with the aim of eliminating all those files that pose a potential security risk. In this way, when using this website, we can count on the confidence and guaranteed security that 1337X provides for downloading Torrents.

9- YTS

Finally, we have the support of the YTS website, which has an extensive catalogue of classic films. So, if you are looking for an old movie and you haven’t found it anywhere, chances are that it is on YTS.

Searching for content on this website is very simple and practical. So we can count on the YTS option when downloading torrents directly.


Multiple methods to download contents in Torrent

As I have seen so far, all the content we have at our disposal is extremely extensive, we simply have to click. We have available movies at Don Torrent and all its alternatives, so we can start downloading the content we want at any time.


We hope that Don Torrent and the options expressed in this article can be very useful in case you want to download audiovisual content from the Internet. By putting these methods into practice to download torrents for free, we will be able to take advantage of the great content of films and series that can be found on the Internet.

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