eBay no longer pays sellers through PayPal

EBay bought PayPal in 2002 and has been one of the payment methods users can use when buying and selling products ever since. From now on, however, the digital auction house only pays the sellers of products directly and not through PayPal. Although the buyers can make their payments through this platform, the users who sell will receive the money directly in their bank accounts and not through the PayPal payment service.

Sellers of products on eBay do not get their money with PayPal, but buyers can use this platform

With the new payment system, there is no fee for every purchase via PayPal. This does not necessarily mean that eBay is now available It’ll be cheaperas the auction house applied its own prices.

Despite everything, the company ensures that consumers pay the same or even a little less than before. In fact, the new fee system assumes that eBay will tax 12.8% of the total price. Previously, this percentage was 10% on eBay, to which the percentage for PayPal had to be added.

With the change in the terms of use, buyers on eBay have the option of choosing between several payment options. The auction house supports payments with credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and PayPal Credit.

However, the payments are will take now two working days upon reaching the recipient. Previously, the money with the PayPal system reached the seller on the same day.

EBay’s decision does not go down very well with users who sell their products through the auction house. Some have threatened to leave the site, particularly concerned about what it entails Grant eBay direct access to your bank accounts.

From the company, they insist on defending the advantages of the new payment system, which they believe is simpler and cheaper for the consumer. Your consent is mandatory Continue to use eBay and they warn the company has an option to delete the accounts of sellers who refuse to use it.

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